Modi has failed in vaccination drive : Siddaramaiah

Modi has failed in vaccination drive : Siddaramaiah

Bengaluru: Opposition leader Siddaramaiah criticized that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has failed to supply enough vaccines to Karnataka. 

It is a most worrying fact that more than 50% of vaccine centers have been closed due to a shortage supply of vaccines does to the state, Siddaramaiah alleged. 

Taking a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the opposition leader said that Narendra Modi’s campaign on Tika Utsav had been restricted to the advertisement. 

Quoting the statement of health department’s officials, Mr. Siddaramaiah said, at vaccination centers, only 20 percent of people get vaccination out of hundred people. However, the Chief Minister B.S.Yediyurappa and Health Minister do not open their mouth, but they only pointing fingers at Centre, he added. 

The state government has written more than ten letters to the Centre demanding supply of enough doses to the state, but the Centre has ignored the state's request. Out of 8500 vaccination centers, the majority of the centers are situated in rural areas, unfortunately, poor people will not get a vaccination in these centers; only influential people will get does in these centers, Mr. Siddaramaiah alleged. 

Referring to the statistics of the state government on vaccination drive , Mr. Siddaramaiah said the government had vaccinated 4.97 crore people. To get two doses, the state has to need 9.6 crore doses, however, the Centre has supplied only 2.6 crore doses so far , it reflects the pathetic situation on the vaccination drive of the Centre, the Opposition leader explained. 

 The Centre has promised that it will provide vaccination of 51.6 crore doses by July end. To reach this target, the Centre has to give 70 lakh doses of vaccine daily, but it has been giving only 40 lakh doses daily. 

So far, the Centre has vaccinated 38.5 crore doses, day by day, this number is decreasing because of a shortage in supply of the vaccine.