Vishwanath alleged Rs. 20,000 crore tender scam against CM kin

Vishwanath alleged Rs. 20,000 crore tender scam against CM kin

Bengaluru: Continued his outburst against the Chief Minister B.S.Yediyurappa and his family members, BJP MLC, H. Vishwanath made serious corruption charges against B.Y.Vijayendra, younger son of the Chief Minister, accusing him of taking a kickback from irrigation projects. 

Mr. Vishwanath, who earlier urged the party National General Secretary and BJP Karnataka in-charge Arun Singh to remove B.S.Yediyurappa from CM post has continued his tirade against the CM and his son B.Y. Vijayendra. 

Speaking to media persons, Mr. Vishwanath accused that, “Mr. Vijayendra has planned to take huge kickback in awarding a tender to Bhadra and Cauvery irrigation projects worth of Rs. 20,000 crores”. 

“Government has decided to call for tender to Bhadra and Cauvery irrigation projects worth Rs. 20,000 crore. Despite the state has been facing financial crunch, Mr. Vijayendra had a plan to take kickback by awarding a tender to his interested parties”, Mr. Vishwanath alleged while releasing documents about tenders. 

“Due to his family members, Mr. Yediyurappa went to judicial custody in his previous stint as the CM. We have apprehension that Yediyurappa would go to jail once again because of his family members. Thus I have brought into the notice of Mr. Arun Singh, this matter is about the party and the government, not belonging to the Chief Minister’s family”, he added. 

“Why Mr. Eshwarappa go to Rajbhavan to meet the Governor? Because of too much interference of Mr. Vijayendra in the RDPR department, he complained to the Governor. Why this matter has not been discussed at the party level, no one has dared to speak the truth on corruption cases. You speak with individual MLAs and ministers, they will tell what is going on in the government. If the party takes disciplinary action, they are welcome to take it, I have spoken the truth in the interest of the party as well as the government”, he justified. 

Mr. Eshwarappa alleged that without his notice and consent, Rs. 1400 crore has been released from his department. Vijayendra has interfered in his department, only Eshwarappa has dared to approach the Governor in this regard, Mr. Vishwanath said. 

“I have raised voice against the government when it has decided to dispose of land to Jindal company, Mr. Kumaraswamy and Siddaramaiah did not utter any words about this scam. What Yogishwar said was true”, he added. 

“Mr. Renukacharaya has no moral right to speak to me, he revolted against Yediyurappa for not taking him to the Cabinet and went to Hyderabad with the Reddy brothers. Later he was dropped from the Cabinet”, Mr. Vishwanath criticized. 

More than 80% of BJP MLAs have demanded leadership change in Karnataka during their one-to-one meeting with Mr. Arun Singh, BJP MLC said. 

“Only 28 months left for the Assembly elections in Karnataka. I have explained all things to him, a change of leadership is necessary to face Assembly elections. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is opposing dynasty politics. But in Karnataka dynasty politics is very much visible”, he criticized.