Arun Singh will submit a detailed report to J.P.Nadda

Arun Singh will submit a detailed report to J.P.Nadda


Bengaluru: BJP National general secretary and party Karnataka in-charge Arun Singh has returned to the national capital on Friday evening after completing his three days parlays at BJP office to douse the dissident activities in ruling BJP. Mr. Singh is likely to submit his report to the party President J.P. Nadda regarding views of two warring groups in State bjp on the leadership change issue. 

Despite Singh’s warning to rebel MLAs not to air their views in public, rebel MLAs continued their tirade against the Chief Minister and his family members. BJP MLC, H. Vishwanath leveled serious corruption charges against the Chief Minister and his son B.Y. Vijayendra, he also dragged the party central leadership in the matter. 

BJP mlc H. Vishwanath and B.Y. Vijayendra, Karnataka BJP Vice President

Mr. Singh, however, said the party would initiate disciplinary action against rebel MLAs who issuing a statement against the leadership. He directed party MLAs and leaders to desist from giving any statements in public against the party or the government. 

Revenue Minister and BJP core committee member, R. Ashok said that the core committee has decided to take disciplinary action against errant MLAs who openly giving statements against the party or the government. 

Mr. Ashok has asserted that leadership change issued has not been discussed at the core committee meeting. “Change of leadership was not the agenda of the meeting, Mr. Singh has categorically told that there is no change of leadership in the state”, Mr. Ashok said. 

During his three days visit to the state, Mr. Singh has taken a meeting with different morcha’s, of the party, one-to-one meeting with BJP MLAs, meeting with ministers, and core committee meeting. 

60 BJP MLAs have attended the one-to-one meeting with him, both pro and anti-BSY camp has briefed Mr. Singh about ongoing developments in the state government. Few have openly advocated change the Chief Minister. BJP MLC, H. Vishwanath, and others have insisted on a change of leadership, citing the reason for the age factor of Mr. Yediyurappa. 

Soon after meeting with Arun Singh, Mr. Vishwanath has leveled corruption allegations against the Chief Minister and his son B.Y. Vijayendra. Even he made serious corruption allegations against Mr. Vijayendra in allotting tender for irrigation projects in the state. His open public statement was made even after a diktat from party central leadership. Even Mr. Vishwanath said he is ready to face any disciplinary action that would be initiated by the party. 

Singh will submit a report to the Centre 

Mr. Arun Singh will submit a detailed report to the Centre about two warring groups and their views. He would also brief the Centre about growing discontent in state bjp and sagging image of the state government in all sectors. He will also mention corruption charges leveled by the party MLC against the CM and his family members. 

After his report Centre will take a call on leadership change. But the change of leadership will not be imminent, since party central leadership is busy with resolving the crisis in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh. 

Interestingly, Mr. Singh has to submit his report to BJP national secretary (organization) B.L. Santhosh, who incidentally the detractor of Mr. Yediyurappa. Singh's report will come under the scrutiny of Mr. Sonathosh at the end!