Rahul Gandhi cautions Twitter for taking political stand

Rahul Gandhi cautions Twitter for taking political stand

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has cautioned micro-blogging site Twitter for taking political sides in the current political scenario in the country.

Breaking the silence on Twitter for blocking his account, Rahul Gandhi said, " A company is making its business to define our politics, and as a politician, I don't like that. This is an attack on the democratic structure of the country. This is not an attack on Rahul Gandhi; this is not simply shutting Rahul Gandhi down".

Rahul Gandhi attacked Twitter for taking political sides though claiming to be a neutral platform. He cautioned that the company 'repercussions' for their politically motivated action.

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"I've 19-20 mn followers; you're denying the right to an opinion. It's not only patently unfair but also breaching the idea that Twitter is a neutral platform. For investors, it's a very dangerous thing. Taking sides in political context has repercussions for Twitter", said Rahul Gandhi.

The Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi further expressed displeasure that 'Twitter is biased and listens to what the government of the day says'.

"Democracy under attack, we're not allowed to speak in Parliament, media is controlled and I thought there was a ray of light where we could put what we thought, on Twitter. That's not the case. Twitter is biased and it's something that listens to what Govt of the day says".

The Congress party on Thursday claimed that after blocking their former president Rahul Gandhi's social media account, Twitter has now "locked" the party's official handle @INCIndia.

IYC national president Srinivas B.V. tweeted: First Rahul Gandhiji's account, Then Congress Workers account, Then Congress Leaders account, & Now official account of @INCIndia...Twitter is openly batting as a frontal organization of BJP. Are we still living in India or North Korea?"