Nitish Kumar accuses Bihar Assembly speaker of ‘violating the constitution

In 2020 elections, Mr. Nitish Kumar returned to power in Bihar, his JDU has taken lesser seats than BJP, however, the BJP has given CM post to him.

Nitish Kumar accuses Bihar Assembly speaker of ‘violating the constitution

Patna: The ties between Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and BJP is worsening further, Mr. Kumar has lost his temper in Bihar Assembly, openly accused the Speaker of violating the constitution by raising the question against BJP-JD(U)  government.

Mr. Kumar was annoyed with the ruling BJP and the Speaker for repeatedly questioning the government about an incident involving the alleged misbehaviour of policemen with Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha.

Chief Minister’s open outburst against BJP MLAs and Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha, elected from BJP indicates the further deterioration of ties between him and the ruling BJP.

"You are openly violating the constitution," a furious Nitish Kumar said to the Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha in an acrid back-and-forth in the assembly.

The issue triggers the Chief Minister’s anger related to an incident that happened in Lakhisarai, the constituency of the Speaker in last months. Where police have registered the case against BJP members for violating covid restrictions and celebrated Saraswati Puja.

When the Speaker tried to intervene, the police have allegedly misbehaved with the Speaker. Mr. Sinha and BJP members demanded for the suspension of the police officer concerned. BJP members have accused their own government of shielding the tainted policemen, their open accusation angered the Chief Minister.

"Neither do we frame anybody, nor do we protect anybody. That is not what we do. Why are you saying this again and again? You are going on and on about this and running the house like this. This has never happened before," Mr Kumar informed the House.

"I want to tell our members also. The way you are raising this question again and again. When we have replied and said an inquiry is happening, then should you be concerned about the inquiry or should the court?" the Chief Minister lashed out.

When the Speaker tried to interject, Mr Kumar snapped: "I was listening. I feel hurt. This is unacceptable. You listen to me. I will not accept this."