Army rescues Kerala boy trapped in steep gorge for 2 days

Army rescues Kerala boy trapped in steep gorge for 2 days

Palakkad: Army mountaineers on Wednesday successfully rescued a youth trapped in a steep gorge in Malampuzha mountains in Palakkad district,  Kerala.  
The youth identified as, Babu, fell off a steep cliff and was about 30m from the clifftop. 

Army Specialist Teams with Qualified Mountaineers and Rock Climbing experts from Parachute Regimental Centre Bangalore and Madras Regimental Centre, Wellington reached the location to rescue Babu. The soldiers established contact with the boy and the rescue operation commenced by 06.00 AM today. 

Mountaineering experts from the Indian Army with modern types of equipment moved towards Cherad Hill, Malampuzha,  for the rescue of the youth. The boy was trapped inside the fault line of Koormbachi hillock, Palakkad. 

Army Officers, 2 JCOs and 5 other ranks from Wellington were part of the operation. The IAF  transported one more mountaineering team of Army from Bangalore.

Drones are being used for surveillance of location and choppers are on standby at Sulur Airbase.  The operation was coordinated by Dakshin Bharat Area under the aegis of Southern Command

Earlier, the Indian Coast Guard’s Chetak Helicopter attempted for the rescue op on Tuesday, but, due to inclement weather, was unable to complete the mission.