Scientist Sudhindra Haldodderi dies aged 61

Scientist Sudhindra Haldodderi dies aged 61

Bengaluru: Prominent science writer, columnist Dr Sudhindra Haldodderi (61), passed away after a brief illness in Bengaluru on Friday.

He was Professor and Head, Department of Aerospace Engineering of JAIN and at Alliance Universities. He taught undergraduate and postgraduate engineering students in the same field.

He has held several roles and responsibilities at The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and was posted at units at HAL for a period of 22 years. He served in the HAL Engine division for 13 years and worked on Avon, Artouste, Adour, Orpheus, Garett, Dart and Gnome Engines.

During his posting at HAL’s Aircraft and LCA Divisions for four years, he worked on the Fuel System and Engine Integration on Jaguar, Kiran Aircraft and Cheetah/Chetak, Sea King Helicopters.

He was a member of the technical committee constituted by the Air Force to mitigate problems of helicopters operated in high altitudes.