'Ladki hoon, lad sakti hoon' campaign of Congress fails to win women voters in UP 

Grand old party Congress completely wiped out from Uttar Pradesh. UP elections are considered as semi final for 2024 Assembly elections. But party's performance in UP has further demoralized the party workers.

'Ladki hoon, lad sakti hoon' campaign of Congress fails to win women voters in UP 

The Congress which is losing its sheen in the political arena of the country and has lost its significance in Uttar Pradesh had given a major responsibility to the general secretary, Priyanka Vadra to revive the party in UP.

Shouldering a major job, Priyanka launched a vigorous campaign in the run-up to the polls of Uttar Pradesh which is already ruled by the saffron party.

Huge embarrassment for the grand old party, latest trends shows that Congress is leading in only one seat in 403 members Assembly., the party has won 7 seats. This time it was predicted that Congress will cross double-digit, but the party has outrightly rejected by the voters. 

Priyanka did a high decimal campaign in Uttar Pradesh, reached out to the farmers' family of Lakhimpur Kher. In Lakhimpur Kheri, violence 8 people including 4 farmers had killed. 

With the objective of targeting the large population of women voters of UP which is higher than the male voters, Priyanka Vadra coined a new slogan ‘Ladki hoon, ladsakti hoon ‘ ( I am women, I can fight).

According to the data, the State had 63.31% women voters in 2017 as against 59.15% male voters. This significant presence of female voters is said to have prompted Priyanka to catch the female voters in the polls.

She not only coined the new slogan but also announced giving 40% tickets to female candidates in UP elections. But congresswomen candidates have failed to get the love and affection of the voters. Even the ruling BJP has not considered Congress as an opponent. It has only targeted SP during the campaign. 

But the party not only failed to make any impact on women voters of the UP in the polls, but also received a big jolt even before the elections when Priyanka Mourya, the face of the party’s campaign quit the party and joined the BJP.

She accused the party of sidelining her in UP politics, thus deciding to switch over to the BJP.

The analysts believe that Congress took the liberty of bringing up some ‘untraditional’ and ‘unconventional’ idea of giving tickets to 40% women candidates, as the party had nothing much to lose.

Since the party wanted to experiment in new manners to show its significance, and at least to play the role of ‘king maker’ in the event of a hung assembly tried to reach out to women voters.

But the efforts and novel idea failed to click as the women voters who did not prefer the Congress in the polls, which is now evident from the results.

The party had a disastrous performance in the assembly polls in UP. By the time this report was being filed, the party was leading in only one seat according to India today's report.