Uttar Pradesh results 2022: End of road for BSP’s supremo Mayawati

BSP's dismal performance in the 2017 and 2022 Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh clearly shows that Mayawati is no longer a force recon with. Once she had a strong contender for the PM post. But her inaccessibility to the cadres and voters made her unpopular in the state

Uttar Pradesh results 2022:  End of road for BSP’s supremo Mayawati

Lucknow: The abysmal performance and continuous defeats of the party in polls giving this indication the assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh has given clear indication that the elephant of the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) has tired and given up fighting in the UP assembly polls.

Mayawati, the Dalit icon who once held the reigns of Uttar Pradesh, the biggest State of the country, had ruled the State as CM. Not just that, the power and influence in the political area has expanded so immensely that she was even being projected as the PM candidate.

She ruled the state from 20227-2012 with the clear majority but ended up in dismal performance by taking 6 seats in the 2017 Elections. But her party has taken 25 percent votes in the elections. OBC and SC leaders have deserted her party and joined BJP in 2017.

But the negligible presence in the UP’s assembly polls was already clear signals that Mayawati seems to be now going out of sync in the UP’s volatile politics.

While Samajwadi Party (SP) which was emerging as the next strongest opponent to the BJP in the State, the BSP was sharply losing its significance among the voters.

With the results almost out and BSP making literally no impact in the polls where it is not leading even in two digits in UP, it is now clear that even the Dalits, the core voters of the party have drifted away from the party.

It is yet to be analysed who has clinched the votes of BSP in the UP polls, however, it is certain that the party has lost its base in the UP politics.

It may be noted that Mayawati went on to become the CM of the State with her political engineering of bringing all the backwards, Dalits, Muslims and mainly the upper caste such as Brahmins and Baniyas.

With the slogan ‘Jiski Jitni sajhedari, uski unti bhagedari’ which  roughly means that the people of different castes will get their due share in the government based on their presence in the party.

This political engineering has worked so well that a good chunk of upper caste voters, mainly the Brahmin who were believed to be core voters of BJP, supported BSP to form the government.

But over the years, the political situation steadily changed and Mayawati's charisma began declining. Even her efforts to revive the party by joining hands with her staunch rival, SP in the last Lok Sabha polls, failed to save the party.

The results of the election where both parties suffered a major jolt, created more bickering and heartburns in both parties. The results of present assembly polls indicate that besides expecting some miracle, the party on pragmatic terms will have to pull every string to remain politically significant in UP, the task which appears to be mammoth for the tired elephant.