International yoga day promotes academic growth in India

International yoga day promotes academic growth in India

By Dr. Prashanth Shetty

From history, we have learned that yoga was practiced in ancient times by spiritual masters. Further yoga became a spiritual path and most practices are done in the serene natural surroundings and the forest.

Later the knowledge of yoga spread through these spiritual masters to society and form a group of yoga masters how are mostly concerned with physical health. 

These spiritual culturists taught yoga to the common man and they are known as a physical culturist 

In 1995 Dr. Nagarathna published a paper on bronchial asthma in a British medical journal. This was a benchmark in the history of yoga, and finally, yoga has proved scope for treating diseases. Now the scope of yoga has three main approaches 

One is spiritual culturist (sadhana pata) Second is physical culturist for physical health and the Third is the therapeutic approach.

After this research in the field of yoga, the benefits of yoga are proved in most stress-induced disorders.

The use of yoga is proved in India and abroad and education like Graduate courses post Graduate courses, medical courses like BNYS came into existence from 1989 through recognized universities. Yoga awareness is brought among the people through hospitals, public camps, workshops, conferences, seminars, etc. In 2015 all yoga gurus have decided that June 21 being a long day in a year, to celebrate International Day of Yoga and since 2015 and we are celebrating yoga day all over the world. From the statistic, around 170 countries recognize and celebrate the International Day of Yoga. 

The following changes have been observed by me after the International Day of Yoga (IDY). Public awareness about yoga and its benefits was increased 100folds. All yoga courses have been and standardize and also regulated by the government authority


In the field of yoga research, more than thousands of papers have been published and through this yoga has become an evidence-based medicine.

Clinical practice: yoga was largely limited to physical health and has converted to a tool for lifestyle, stress-induced chronic diseases through the upgraded research 

Universities: Education by more than 10 central universities have started a branch of yoga through MSC, MASTERS degree Doctoral courses, etc really gave them insight and collaborate and regional research center like all India institutes of medical sciences and other institute have started research centers all over India, for the advanced research.

Research centers in foreign countries, there are many yoga therapy centers and universities for the development of yoga and by reputed Indian yoga schools 

New avenues: yoga became popular for increasing immunity. in this reference, yoga is used as a tool to treat infectious diseases especially pandemic like covid 19.

Dr. Prashanth Shetty

Author is Principal & CMO at SDM College of naturopathy and yogic sciences and Hospital, Ujre