In BJP, power will not transfer from father to son-Ravi

In BJP, power will not transfer from father to son-Ravi


Bengaluru: Annoyed by ‘planted’ reports in a section of media about the report submitted by BJP Karnataka in-charge Arun Singh to the party President on leadership change in Karnataka, BJP National Secretary C.T. Ravi termed that media reports are baseless and far from the truth.

Speaking to Mr. Ravi said that “BJP National general secretary and Karnataka in-charge Arun Singh was not in Delhi since three days. When I spoke to him about the report, Singh stated that he was not in Delhi since three days, meanwhile, his office has issued a statement that there is no such report filed to party President regarding Karnataka affairs”, Mr. Ravi said. 

“One echo system working behind the scene, it is called news mafia, by creating false news and same has been circulated to different media. It has become a habit for few people in the party as well as in the government. They are managed to publish the false reports in the media for their convenience”, Mr. Ravi remarked. 

BJP national general secretary and BJP Karnataka incharge

Further BJP National general secretary recalled the recent visit of Mr. Arun Singh to the state and the media report the aftermath of his visit. “Media has reported that only three rebel MLAs demanded the change of leadership in the state and remaining MLAs are urged that Yediyurappa should continue in CM post. It was one to one meeting, who told the media that only three MLAs are opposing Yediyurappa and others are supporting him, it is false, neither Arun Singh nor party MLAs told the media about one to one meeting, but fabricated news had circulated to media for their convenience”, Mr. Ravi criticized without taking names in BSY camp. 

“ After I spoke to Arun Singh about his report, he issued a statement stating that no such report has been submitted to party central leadership”, Mr. Ravi said.

 “Moreover media report stated that Mr. Singh has submitted 80 pages report to the party national president. I wonder how bulky report it was and what are the issues mentioned in that bulky report, Mr. Singh might have mentioned the party developments in Karnataka since its inception”, Mr. Ravi remarked sarcastically.

“I am holding the position of party National general secretary. Any decision on change of leadership has to be discussed at the party parliamentary board, power will not automatically transfer from father to son, it will happen only in dynast. We are all workers and not belongs to any dynasty”, Mr. Ravi takes a dig at Mr. Yediyurappa and his son B.Y. Vijayendra.   

 Ravi was also annoyed by media reports which indirectly taken the name of the party organizing secretary. The party organizing secretary is heading both political and organization works of the party. He involves in all decision-making processes and also will influence such decision-making process in the party, it was the primary duties and responsibility of the party organizing secretary, Mr. Ravi said. 

Regarding a question on submission of the report, Mr. Ravi said that it depends on issues, there is no time limit to submit such report to party central leadership, he replied. 

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