Siddu urges ACB probe on corruption allegations against B.Y.Vijayendra

Siddu urges ACB probe on corruption allegations against B.Y.Vijayendra

Bengaluru: Opposition leader Siddaramaiah demanded the Chief Minister B.S.Yediyurappa to order ACB probe into Rs. 20,000 crore kickback allegations against his son B.Y. Vijayendra in awarding the tender for the Upper Bhadra irrigation project. 

BJP MLC H.Vishwanath made serious allegations against Vijayendra stating that he has planned to take a huge amount of kickback to award a tender to the Upper Bhadra project. Taking note of his allegation, Mr. Siddaramaiah demanded ACB probe into the allegation. 

“For two reasons, I demand ACB probe into the allegations made against Vijayendra. First, allegations were made against Chief Minister’s son and second, an allegation made by the BJP legislative member”, Mr. Siddaramaiah said. 

Soon after the allegation, the irrigation department has issued a clarification hurriedly, it shows the government is trying to hush up the allegations. Vishwanath also made allegations against BDA Chairman S.R. Vishwanath for his involvement in selling beds of the covid care center in BIEC, government should order investigate into this allegation, Mr. Siddaramaiah urged. 

BJP MLC, Vishwanath further termed his party government as ‘contractors’ government, it shows Mr. Vishwanath having more information on corruption deeds of other ministers. If the government orders an ACB probe, investigating agency will summon the complainant too and the truth will come out, the Opposition leader said. 

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It was not the first time allegations were made against Vijayendra. BJP MLA, Basanagowda Patil Yatnal, and Tourism minister C.P.Yogishwar had made allegations against him, government must order a probe into these allegations made against B.Y. Vijayendra, Siddaramaiah urged. 

So far, BJP high command has taken disciplinary action against rebel MLAs who often giving statements against the Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa indicates that the party high command has instigated the rebel MLAs to give statements against the Chief Minister and silence of the party high command shows that, it has accepted the allegations made by rebel MLAs or party high command has taken share from BSY government’s corruptions, Siddaramaiah alleged.