Buffalo sacrifice, Sudeep's fans in trouble

Buffalo sacrifice, Sudeep's fans in trouble

Bengaluru: This is not the first time that fans of Sudeep have sacrificed buffaloes in his name. Some of them are in trouble once again after a video of them sacrificing a buffalo on the actor's birthday on September 2 has gone viral. After demands for action, police have gotten into the act.

The video shows fans dragging a buffalo before a poster wishing Sudeep on his birthday, chopping off its head and then sprinkling the animal's blood on the cutout. The incident is said to be from Sandur village in Ballari. The poster has the words, "Happy Birthday Big Boss. Kichcha Sudeep Boys Bandri."

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It is not uncommon to seen fans anointing cutouts of film stars with milk. But in some cases, sacrificing animals is also seen. Especially in the case of Sudeep, his fans have known to perform these rituals. The sacrifice of sheep during the release of his films Madakari Nayaka and Varadanayaka were reported.

During the release of The Villain, the sacrifice of a buffalo led to the arrest of a few fans. The latest incident has now drawn police attention who have booked 20 people.