Their Hair Long and Flowing or in Ponytails, Women in Iran Flaunt Their Locks - NY TIMES

Defiant resistance to Iran’s mandatory hijab law has exploded across the country after nationwide protests that erupted last year.

Their Hair Long and Flowing or in Ponytails, Women in Iran Flaunt Their Locks - NY TIMES

Since the death last year of Mahsa Amini, 22, while in the custody of Iran's morality police, women and girls have been at the center of a nationwide uprising, demanding an end not only to hijab requirements but to the Islamic Republic itself.

Defiant resistance to Iran’s mandatory hijab law has exploded across the country after nationwide protests that erupted last year.

in downtown Tehran, Iran’s capital, for example, show most women covering their hair..Why Americans Are Lonely And What We Can Do About It About a decade ago after many years of touring and working with Gwen Stefani, Faith Hill, Katy Perry and countless other artists, Gueldner got inspired to ultimately create her own line of oversized space boots, luxe faux fur jackets and micro skirts.

But videos of parks, cafes, restaurants and malls — places popular with younger women — show more of them uncovered.Many prominent women, including celebrities and athletes have removed their hijab in Iran and while representing the county abroad.With an influx in moisture and hydration, the hair can become healthier and stronger.The state has long promoted the hijab law as a symbol of its success in establishing the Islamic Republic, but enforcement has varied, depending on which political faction was in power.“They were also uncomfortable for many women.After the election in 2021 of Ebrahim Raisi, a hard-liner, as president, the rules have been increasingly enforced, and with a strictness and brutality that have enraged Iranian women, many of whom were fined, beaten or arrested by the morality police after they were said to be in violation." But unlike traditional conditioners, hair masks are not meant to be used every day or even every time you wash your hair.Image The defiance remains too widespread to contain and too pervasive to reverse, women’s rights activists say.Instagram / madebyjackiebieber The collection was an “unabashed celebration of the female form” and self-expression, according to a statement obtained by The Post.

Credit.All these variations can be a little overwhelming, so I asked Aronson and James to break down everything there is to know about hair masks.“I started experimenting and created Voël Hair...When to Use a Hair Mask According to James, there are three main types of hair masks, which are moisture, protein, and those that combine the two.Arash Khamooshi for The New York Times But anger over the law boiled over in September, when the young woman, Ms.They are ideal for women with fine hair who seek a subtle change to enhance the hair’s texture while making it manageable.Amini, 22, died in the custody of the morality police, and as the street protests that broke out across Iran quickly morphed into broader calls for an end to being ruled by the country’s clerics."Hydrating and moisture-based hair masks replenish essential nutrients to the hair for a healthier look and feel, and they defend against further damage.

The protests have largely fizzled amid a violent crackdown by the authorities that has included mass arrests, death sentences and the executions of four young protesters.But many acts of civil disobedience continue daily, including chanting “death to the dictator” from rooftops, writing graffiti on walls and tearing down and setting ablaze government banners."Assess your hair for any split ends, dryness, or breakage," Aronson advises.That's why I gravitated towards having a private studio instead of a storefront salon.And women have been going out in public without their hijabs.Officials said in December they had disbanded the morality police, and they have not been seen on the streets since.If your hair is dry and brittle, you may need a hair mask that provides intense hydration.For the moment, the authorities are only occasionally enforcing the hijab rules, according to women and activists in Iran.For many brands, the hair is only used once and it bothered me to see so much hair being thrown away,” she says.

The authorities recently shut down two pharmacies, one in Tehran and another in the northern city of Amol, after female employees were reported for not wearing a hijab." James adds that it may be helpful to write down your concerns while assessing your hair, so that you can easily employ process of elimination and cross-reference your list with the hair mask options you see while shopping.And in the religious city of Qum, they reprimanded the manager of a bank for catering to clients without hijabs.The judiciary has also opened a case against Ms.If you do not see your concern called out, that particular product may not yield the best results.“After about a year, when the hair can't be used anymore, I donate it to matteroftrust.Kazempour, the engineer, according to Iranian news reports.Officials say they are reviewing the enforcement rules and plan to announce updated measures." In particular, she recommends The Mane Choice's , which recommends products based on the user's preferences, hair type, needs, and lifestyle.

One conservative lawmaker has said that alternative enforcement methods are being considered, like warning women by text message, denying them civic services or blocking their bank accounts.For one of her clients, who works in a corporate office, her goal was to maintain her natural look with extensions.“Head scarves will be back on women’s heads,” the lawmaker, Hossein Jalali, was reported as saying in December on Iranian media."Textured and chemically treated hair typically are a good fit for hair mask treatments, as the strands can be prone to dryness or breakage," says Aronson.Image Women in favor of the mandatory hijab at a rally last year in Tehran.Credit.The same goes for chemically treated hair: It needs ingredients that will restore the hair shaft after being broken down by chemicals.” Kimberly Gueldner at Voël Hair Studio Allyson Lubow..

.Plus, she says,"Hair masks also help ease detangling to promote strands' elasticity for length retention and curl formation.Arash Khamooshi for The New York Times But the defiance remains too widespread to contain and too pervasive to reverse, women’s rights activists say.“The core and heart of this movement is really the revolutionary act of these women turning their head scarves into the most effective and most powerful weapon against religious dictatorship and deep layers of misogyny and patriarchy,” said Fatemeh Shams, a women’s rights activist and an assistant professor of Persian literature at the University of Pennsylvania."Generally, hair masks are heavy due to the use of creams and oils, and can weigh finer hair textures down," says Aronson.The women who have stopped covering their hair say that they are determined to do as they wish, but that they are in favor of a “voluntary hijab.” They also say that they respect the rights of women who choose wear scarves.How to Use a Hair Mask We're all pretty well-versed on how to wash our hair , and even how to style it with leave-ins, gels, and creams, but hair masks require a different routine that lies somewhere in between that of your everyday conditioner and your favorite leave-in.

Leila, 51, who lives in Tehran, said she and her teenage daughter had been dressing in public as they did in private and when they traveled abroad — in dresses, skirts, skinny jeans and tight sweaters.“I recently had to travel and struggled over whether I should wear the hijab at the airport because there are a lot of security agents, but decided against it,” Leila said in a telephone interview.Generally speaking, however, a mask is meant to be applied to damp, clean hair.She was stunned to see the majority of the women at the airport that day had also ditched their hijabs.“We all got through security and passport control with our hair uncovered, and they said nothing."If you have straight, fine, thin hair, consider only applying the mask from the mid-lengths to ends of your hair," says James.Our power is in numbers.

” Hathis, 25, who reviews books and movies online, posted a photograph of herself on Instagram in December sitting, hair uncovered, with a friend at an outdoor cafe in Tehran." On the other hand, for those with thick, dry, textured, curly, or damaged hair, she advises,"Start with the minimum recommended and increase as needed.“Is this what it feels like to feel the cool fall breeze blow through your hair? And for 25 years I was denied this?” Image The state has long promoted the hijab law as a symbol of its success in establishing the Islamic Republic, but enforcement has varied.Credit." Then, leave the hair mask on for the time recommended on the bottle (some masks are meant to be left on for 30 minutes, while other, more high-potency options are to be left on for only ten minutes)..."If a more intense conditioning treatment is required, use heat by covering the hair with a plastic cap or sitting under a hair dryer for deeper penetration.

Arash Khamooshi for The New York Times Even many religious women who wear a hijab by choice have joined the campaign to repeal the law.A petition with thousands of names and photographs of women is circulating on Instagram and Twitter with the message, “I wear the hijab, but I am against the compulsory hijab.This both maximizes the formula's hydrating effects and keeps my skin from getting covered in the mask.” Maryam, 53, who observes the hijab law and lives in Tehran, recently traveled with her daughter to the holiday island of Kish in the Persian Gulf.They were surprised to find most women wearing short-sleeved sun dresses, sandals, capri pants and T-shirts.“Are we in Turkey or Iran?” asked her daughter, Narges, 26.

Shortly after the trip, Narges changed all of her social media profile photos to one in which her long brown hair was flowing over her shoulders and her fist was raised in the air.It announced to her religious conservative family that she was taking off her hijab.“I will never bring down my fist until freedom, even if we have to wait for many years,” Narges wrote on her Instagram page.Maryam said in an interview that she was flooded with messages and calls from relatives and friends, some supportive and some critical of her daughter.“I told them that times have changed,” she said.

“I respect my daughter’s choice and so should you.It’s nobody’s business.” Leily Nikounazar contributed reporting..