Panjshir resistance forces killed 600 Taliban militants

Panjshir resistance forces killed 600 Taliban militants

Kabul: Panjshir Northern resistance force has claimed that it has killed 600 Taliban militants who hiding out in the valley. 

Nearly 600 Taliban militants were killed in various districts of Panjshir on Sunday morning. More than 1000 Taliban have been captured by the Northern alliance, tweeted resistance forces’ spokesperson Fahim Dashti.

Taliban had faced the problem of getting supplies from other Afghan provinces. Meanwhile, Northern Alliances have captured 1000 Taliban terrorists, he tweeted.    

However, the Taliban has claimed that it has taken over Panjshir valley. The source said fighting is continuing in Panjshir but landmines had slowed the advance on the road to the capital Bazarak and the provincial governor's compound, Al Jazeera reported

"More than 700 of them was killed, 600 captured & prisoned, the rest are trying to escape, we are in Frontline, everything was planned. We control the whole province.

Meanwhile, the Taliban offensive against Panjshir resistance forces has slowed down due to the presence of land mines in the area, the Northern Alliance force claimed. 

Panjshir is considered a stronghold of the National Resistance Front, led by Ahmad Massoud, the son of late ex-Afghan guerrilla commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, and ex-Vice President Amrullah Saleh, who had declared himself caretaker President.

In Panjshir, former Vice-President Amrullah Saleh holed out alongside Ahmad Massoud, admitted the perilous position of the National Resistance Front.