Mumbai police imposes restrictions for new year celebration

''A new variant of the COVID-19 virus called Omicron is spreading rapidly across the world, putting a strain on the health system. Despite repeated appeals by the government and administration to prevent a probable third wave, it has been observed that guidelines are not being followed properly in most places, especially in wedding functions and other ceremonies", BMP Commissioner said in the order

Mumbai police imposes restrictions for new year celebration

Mumbai:  The Mumbai police have further imposed stringent restrictions for new celebrations by prohibiting people from visiting beaches, open grounds, sea faces, promenades, gardens and public places between 5 pm and 5 am till January 15 following the Omicron threat in the state.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, S. Chaitanya has issued prohibitory order,  which came into effect from 1 pm on Friday and will be in force till January 15.

"The city continues to be threatened with COVID-19 pandemic in light of the increase in cases and emergence of the new Omicron variant," the order said.

The prohibitory order was issued to prevent danger to human life, health and safety and to curb transmission of the virus, stated in the order.

Even BMC has issued an order imposing restrictions for the New Year celebration to curb the spread of the Omicron variant.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) issued fresh COVID-19 guidelines on Saturday for Mumbai. The night curfew has been imposed with a gathering of five or more people being called for legal action. Private parties on terraces are also prohibited as per the new guidelines, stated in the guidelines.

Additionally, the new guidelines allow the capacity of the crowd to be filled by 50% for confined/closed spaces and 25% for open places. BMC commissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal said in a statement, ''People in the metropolis must avoid crowding in hotels, restaurants, cinemas, malls and asserted that attendance caps in place for marriages and other functions will have to be adhered to strictly." BMP Commissioner ordered.