BSY hold meeting with members of NITI Aayog

BSY hold meeting with members of NITI Aayog

Bengaluru, June 29: Chief Minister B.S.Yeddyurappa today held a discussion with representatives of NITI Aayog about successfully achieving Sustainable Development goals 2030.

During the meeting, officials from NITI Aayog expressed content over remarkable improvement in the State's position in the SDG index. 

Discussions were held in detail to bring Karnataka to the No. 1 position in the SDG index. NITI Aayog advised focusing further on the nutrition of pregnant women and children, gender equality, housing, education, and other sectors. 

Chief Minister said that the government has announced in the budget that all development programs would focus on achieving SDG, and the State Government would function accordingly. Speaking on occasion, the CM said that the State is working towards attaining the sustainable development goals 2030 targets.

CM releases handbook on 20 best practices implemented by the state government.

The Goal committees have identified different innovative projects with 20 of the best practices implemented by the State. This project can be replicated, which is for the comprehensive improvement of the citizens' quality brought from various government departments and development agencies to implement policies and programs of the State, the CM said. 

CM has released a handbook regarding 20 best practices implemented by the state on the occasion of the Economics and Statistics anniversary programme organised by the Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Planning department

In the SDG India 2020- 21report, Karnataka ranked 3rd with Andhra Pradesh and Goa with an Index score of 72. Of the 16 goals in SDG India 2021 report, Karnataka has one Goal (goal 7) in achiever. Nine plans are in the front runner, and five goals are in performer categories, members mentioned in the meeting.