NSE case: Did Anand Subramanian impersonate as ‘Himalayan Yogi’ ?

According to market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India's (SEBI's) order, Ramkrishna shared confidential data and information of the exchange with unknown Himalayan Yogi 

NSE case: Did Anand Subramanian impersonate as ‘Himalayan Yogi’ ?

New Delhi: The CBI has cracked down the ‘unknown Himalayan Yogi’ who allegedly influenced National Stock Exchange (NSE) chief Chitra Ramkrishna in stock market manipulation case. 

Anand Subramanian, former Chief Operating Officer of NSE who is in the custody of the CBI allegedly impersonated as 'yogi' to influence the then NSE chief Chitra Ramkrishna to take favourable decisions at  his behest. 

The CBI had questioned Subramanian in Chennai and is going through the documents and materials seized during the questioning. CBI has raided his house and seized the documents. 

Anand Subramanian, the former Chief Operating Officer of the NSE, was the "yogi" who communicated with Chitra Ramkrishna through email, CBI sources confirmed. 

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His appointment to the NSE was one of the decisions that Chitra Ramkrishna took under the so-called yogi's influence, market regulator SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) had said in a report.

Subramanian was the Chief Strategic Advisor of NSE from April 1, 2013, and was re-designated as Group Operating Officer and advisor to Ramakrishna when she was MD and CEO from April 1, 2015, to October 21, 2016. SEBI stated that he was hired by Chitra Ramkrishna following the instructions of Himalayan Yogi.

During interrogation, Ms. Ramkrishna revealed that under the influence of an unknown Yogi she hired Anand Subramanian as Group Operating Officer to NSE. 

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During interrogation, Anand Subramanian has revealed to CBI that he has created the mail id rigyajursama@outlook.com, held a conversation with Ms. Ramkrishna. 

It was alleged that Chitra Ramkrishna shared confidential information related to the NSE from her mail id rchitra@icloud.com to rigyajursama@outlook.com between 2013 and 2016. 

CBI has arrested Subramanian at Chennai on Thursday night, but he is not cooperating with investigating officers.  Chitra Ramkrishna is under investigation for allegedly sharing confidential information with the "yogi", who now turns out to be her aide.