US forces leave Kabul by August 31

US forces leave Kabul by August 31

Kabul: US President Joe Biden has given a week deadline for the US-led evacuations process, the Afghan people are desperately trying to flee the country before the deadline. 

More than 70,000 people have already been evacuated, but more people are waiting outside the Kabul International Airport to leave the country. Meanwhile, the Taliban has set the deadline for foreign forces to leave the country before the end of August. 

US President Joe Biden said that the US would stick to its deadline of August 31 to completely withdraw its troops from Kabul, at present, nearly 6000 NATO forces are camped in Kabul and busy with the evacuating process of Afghan people. 

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Many Afghans fear a repeat of the brutal five-year Taliban regime that was toppled in 2001 and violent retribution for working with foreign militaries, Western missions, and the previous US-backed government.

Kabul International Airport was witnessing that US forces are helping the people to leave the country. Also, US armed forces have taken care of abounded children. Afghan couple voluntarily handed over the children to US forces. 

The Afghan capital's airport has been gripped by chaos as US-led troops try to maintain a secure perimeter for evacuation flights, surrounded by desperate Afghans.

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Many people have do not have a passport or VISA to travel outside, but they are desperately seeking help from US forces; during the chaos at the airport, nearly eight people have died.

Despite the harrowing scenes at Kabul airport, the Taliban have ruled out any extension to next Tuesday's deadline to pull out foreign troops, describing it as "a red line".