Ukraine boy walks 1000 km with plastic bag, passport

An 11-year-old boy is being praised for his fearlessness after he travelled 620 miles alone to flee Ukraine — carrying nothing but a passport. plastic bag and a relative's phone number scrawled on his hand.

Ukraine boy walks 1000 km with plastic bag, passport

Hassan, an 11-year-old Ukrainian kid, received a hero's welcome in Slovakia this week after crossing the border alone after walking 1,000 kilometres fleeing Russia's bombings. His mother had sent him to safety since she was unable to go.
In a Facebook post describing Hassan's journey, the Slovak Embassy in the United Kingdom wrote, "The youngster came all alone with a plastic bag, passport, and a telephone number scribbled on his hand." Officials complimented him for having "the smile, boldness, and determination of a true hero."

Hassan stuck to hope as he walked alone across Ukraine, successfully arriving in Slovakia after joining the masses of refugees fleeing Russia's invasion of their nation.
Yulia Pisetskaya, his mother said she had put her kid on a train to Slovakia from Zaporizhzhia, which is close to the nuclear plant that was attacked by the Russian military last week. She was unable to accompany him because she was ill and needed to care for her crippled mother.
Her mother, a widow sent the boy off alone as she could not accompany him and his brother studying Slovakia. 

The kid "captured everyone's hearts with his smile, fearlessness, and resolve, worthy of a true hero," the Slovakian interior ministry stated on Facebook. The officials "kept him warm and gave him with food and water, which they loaded for his next trip," they claimed.

Ukrainians are fighting hard to protect their motherland a video of Ukraine EOD’s defusing a bomb dropped by Russia with two hands and a bottle of water went viral on social media. The act of bravery caught the attention of netizens. 
Another video, in which Ukrainian air defenses intercepting two missiles in the skies of Dnipro gone viral.