Udupi epicenter of Hijab row: Temple town grabs National attention 

Hijab controversy has become national issue, first it was erupted in Udupi in mid of November 2021. Failure of the state government handling the issue at initial stage has triggered the row all over the state.

Udupi epicenter of Hijab row: Temple town grabs National attention 

New Delhi: Hijab row it first erupted in the government first grade PU college in Udupi, a town in Coastal Karnataka two months back has now spread across the country with Muslim organizations, students protesting for the denial of essential practice in the Islamic faith. 

In November Six students were denied to attend classes wearing hijab. The School Development and Monitoring Committee (SDMC) 

took up the issue, categorically told Muslim girl students not to wear hijab, and asked to adhere to uniform rules. 

The intervention of Udupi MLA Raghupathi Bhat and local BJP leaders into the matter has escalated further. Mr. Bhat insisted the SDMC not allow Muslim students to wear hijab and asked all students to strictly follow the uniform rules of the colleges. 

However, students have protested SDMC’s decision to not allow them inside the campus and refused to give up on the hijab inside the classroom. 

After protests get escalated, ABVP has entered the scene, the Hindu students of Udupi college seeking imposition of a uniform rule or threatening to wear saffron shawls in protest. A few days later, Hindu students had come to college wearing a saffron shawl. This act of the students has added fuel to the fire. 

In January, the issue intensified after Kundapura Bhanarkars’ college Principal has denied Muslim girls to wear hijabs in the classrooms. The principal has locked the college gate, denying the entry for students to enter the college. Barring students to enter the college has become widespread protest in Kundapura. Students sat outside the college gate, protested against the college decision. 

The Kundapura incident draws the attention of the country. Few colleges in Kundapura has taken similar decision restraining the students to wear hijabs.

Meanwhile, few students in Udupi first grade college have filed writ petitions before the High Court challenging the college decision not allowing to wear hijab. 

Even the government has issued an order on February first week making uniform is compulsory in the schools and colleges in the state. Also banned the wearing of any kind of religious symbols. 

Soon after the government issued the order, unrest started across the state. The face-off between Hindu and Muslim students of MGM college in Udupi has triggered violence in the state. Hindu students have entered the college wearing saffron shawl, protesting over wearing of hijab in the college. 

The Campus Front of India, a student wing of the Popular Front of India has been at the epicenter of the issue ever since it was highlighted in the Udupi govt college case.

Statewide protest: State government has failed to contain the issue at an earlier stage. The government did not anticipate the statewide protest of Hijab row. Protests broke out in several parts of the state. Police have been clueless about the mass protest about hijab and saffron row in the colleges. 

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Protests had taken place in Davangere, Mandya, Harihara, Shivamogga, Tumakuru, Chikamagaluru, Kalaburgi, Vijayapura, Mysuru, Kolar, and other parts of the state. 

The politicization of the issue also added more fuel to the controversy. Both Congress and the ruling BJP are exchanging heated arguments over the issue. Remark of Opposition leader Siddaramaiah has further escalated the issue. He said that the government has denied the fundamental rights of Muslim girls to wear hijab and he also accused the government that has curtailed the education right of Muslim girls. 

BJP and right-wing groups have come down heavily on Siddaramaiah. Later Congress has maintained silence on the issue and said that it wait for a High Court order on the issue. 

Matter pending before HC: Three judge bench of the High Court hearing the matter. Chief Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi has passed an interim order restraining students to wear which symbolizes any religion. 

The interim order has been challenged before the Supreme Court, but the Apex court has refused to intervene in the matter. 

Nationwide Protest: Udupi hijab row is not grabbed the attention of the nation. Muslim organizations and students groups have staged protests across the Country. Protests had held in Delhi, Kerala, and Maharashtra on Friday. 

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