Spider-man to be released in December

Spider-man to be released in December

It is one of the most-anticipated films from Hollywood this year. The trailer of Spider-Man: No Way Home,
which is the sequel to 2019

Spider-Man: Far From Home was released last night. Marvel has revealed that it is a December release for the film.
Fans of the film were long speculating about the storyline. The trailer reveals quite a few details.

Among other things, the trailer reveals that Willem Dafoe will return as the Green Goblin. The bigger
surprise was Doctor Octopus returning. He was last seen in the 2004 Spier-Man film. Benedict Cumberbatch of course, is Doctor Strange who sets the theme for the collapsing multiverse.

Tom Holland reprises the role of Spider-Man. But fans are wondering if Tobey Maguire will also be seen in the film as Spider-Man from another universe as the villains like Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus were seen in films starring him in the previous decade.

If nothing the trailer has got fans talking and discussing the film in gusto. This argues well for the film industry struggling to get people back to theatres.