Shehbaz Sharif to become Prime Minister of Pakistan today

United Opposition parties of Pakistan have nominated 70-year old Shehbaz ,younger brother of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif as a PM candidate.

Shehbaz Sharif to become Prime Minister of Pakistan today

Islamabad: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Shehbaz Sharif is all set to become the Prime Minister of Pakistan after the historic sacking of Imran Khan from the post in the no-trust vote in the National Assembly.

United Opposition parties of Pakistan have nominated 70-year old Shebaz younger brother of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif as a PM candidate. Shehbaz Sharif has submitted his nomination for the PM post. He will take oath as the Prime Minister of Pakistan on Monday.

Meanwhile, Imran Khan’s let PTI party has fielded its candidate and former external affairs minister, Mahmood Kureshi for Prime Minister’s post.

In the early hours of Sunday, Pakistan National Assembly adopted the no-trust vote resolution against Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. It was the historic resolution of Pakistan’s National Assembly ousting a sitting Prime Minister from a trust vote.

After submitting his nomination to the legislature on Sunday, Shehbaz said Khan’s departure was a chance for a new beginning in Pakistan. Shehbaz, Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) party chief, will become the 23rd Prime Minister of Pakistan on Monday.

 “A new dawn has started … This alliance will rebuild Pakistan,” Shehbaz told parliament on Sunday. His first task will be to repair relations with the powerful military as well as the United States and tend to a faltering economy.

Shehbaz Sharif has paid tributes to his elder brother, Nawaz Sharif, and a host of other party leaders. “I recall how Mian Nawaz Sharif, Maryam Nawaz, Shahid Khaqan, Khawaja Asif, Saad Rafique, Ahsan Iqbal, Rana Sanaullah, Hamza, Hanif Abbasi, Mian Nauman et al. were hounded, stigmatized & put behind bars. Can't appreciate enough the sacrifices & political struggle of PMLN family!,” Sharif posted on Twitter.

Sharif, three-term chief minister of Punjab, thanked several others, who, he said, ‘did not allow any pressure to dent their loyalty and commitment to the party and Pakistan.’ He tweeted, “I also cannot forget Salman Rafique, Kamran Michael, Miftah Ismael & Qamarul Islam whose steadfastness and sacrifices in the face of the brutal Niazi-NAB nexus have been legendary.”, he tweeted.

Sharif will be Pakistan's twenty-third premier, and second from his family, after Nawaz Sharif, who served three terms and is currently in exile in London. Incidentally, no Pakistani Prime Minister has completed a full five-year term yet.

Meanwhile, reacting for the first time since his removal, the cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan called for a ‘fresh’ freedom struggle. “Pakistan became an independent state in 1947, but the freedom struggle begins again today against a foreign conspiracy of regime change. It is always the people of the country who defend their sovereignty & democracy,” he tweeted.

Pakistan’s relations with the US have strained in the recent past. Imran Khan met Vladimir Putin just a day before Russia invades Ukraine. Imran Khan said that his meeting with Putin was angered the US and it has conspired to dethrone him from the PM post.

PTI party members of parliament would resign en masse should he lose, potentially creating the need for urgent by-elections for their seats.

The first Pakistani prime minister to be removed by a no-confidence vote, Khan had clung on for almost a week after a united opposition first tried to remove him.

On Sunday, he repeated allegations that a foreign conspiracy was behind a conspiracy of regime change in Pakistan.

Tens of thousands of Khan supporters marched in cities across Pakistan on Sunday, waving large party flags and vowing support. The youth, who make up the backbone of Khan’s supporters, dominated the crowds.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf on Sunday agitated outside former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's residence in London after Imran Khan was voted out of power by opposition parties. A confrontation between supporters of Imran Khan-led PTI and PML-N turned into an arena of slurs and slogans against each party's leadership outside Avenfield flats in London, the residence of Nawaz Sharif.