Pak PM Imran Khan accuses foreign forces to unseat him, refuses to resign

Imran Khan also referred to India in his speech. "I had made an honest effort to resume peace talks with India before it changed the status of Jammu and Kashmir", Imran Khan said.

Pak PM Imran Khan accuses foreign forces to unseat him, refuses to resign

Islamabad: Beleaguered Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan accused the United States of America to oust him from the post. In a veiled attack on his opponents, Mr. Khan refused to resign, stated that he will not let Pakistan to bow before the foreign forces.

In an address to Nation on Thursday night, Mr. Khan came down heavily on opposition parties who moved no-confidence motion against him in the National Assembly said that "the enemies inside the country joined hands with foreign forces to unseat me".

Mr. Khan is virtually lost the majority in the 342- member National Assembly after his two key alliances withdraw their support of the government. But Pakistan PM is making an all-out effort to continue in the post.

Meanwhile, the petition has been filed before the Pakistan Supreme Court seeking a detailed inquiry into foreign forces trying to unseat Imran Khan's government. The court will take up the matter for hearing today.

"We are getting messages from some foreign countries... They say that they will forgive Pakistan if Imran Khan goes," Mr. Khan said.

Earlier in the day it was stated that Mr. Khan is contemplating dissolving the National Assembly and will go for early elections.

Mr Khan, 69, however, indicated that he would fight - "till the last ball" -- instead of resigning or cutting a deal. Referring to the vote of confidence on Sunday, he said that is when the "country's future will be decided". NDTV reported.

Imran Khan speech exerpts: 

Mr. Imran Khan alleged on national television on Thursday evening that there have been messages that "if they fail to oust me, Pakistan will have to face difficult circumstances".

"Three stooges are sitting here working with foreign powers. They want Imran Khan to be ousted and want this certain person to take this place and everything will be fine then," he said. "If you think that your conspiracy will be successful, I want to tell you I will fight with this. They can't do anything," he remarked.

"I bear my own expenses, I live in my own houses, I don't have any factories," he added, slamming political opponent Nawaz Sharif.

"People said that we are US's collaborators. So many Pakistanis sacrificed their lives. Did anyone thank us for that? We were told if we don't back America, they will turn on us like a wounded bear. During 9/11, we said that if there's a terror incident in the US, we should help them but that wasn't our war to fight. We aligned with US, but US has not come to our rescue during terror attacks on Madrasas. 80 children were killed during terror attacks on Madarasas, Mr. Khan referred in his speech.

"I chose to enter politics to realize the vision of our founders," he said. "Most people before joining politics are unknown names. But that wasn't my case. I was endowed with everything... I wouldn't have entered politics, had Allah not put imaan (faith) in me," he added.

Nawaz Sharif met PM Modi in Nepal in a hush-hush meeting, as per Barkha Dutt's book. I have always said that we want an independent foreign policy. When you can't question who's bombing your country, what's your credibility?

I am not against anyone. But my 22 crore people are my priority. So, Shehbaz Sharif says that I shouldn't have said "absolutely not", where were you when there were attacks on the country

A lot of people said that this document is fake. I showed it to the cabinet, Parliament, senior journalists. There are more dangerous things in it, the things I haven't told you about.

This Sunday, there will be a decision if the country will go for a corrupt regime.

They say that I have destroyed the country but I have only ruled it for 3 years. I can challenge that what I have done in these past 3.5 years haven't ever been achieved.

I am not going to resign. I will fight till the last ball. I will wait and see who all will sell their souls on that day.