No data on deaths due to shortage of oxygen: Sambit Patra

No data on deaths due to shortage of oxygen: Sambit Patra

New Delhi: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Spokesperson Sambit Patra said the Centre has no data on deaths due to shortage of oxygen in the country.

Sambit Patra said, " Centre says that as no State/UT sent any data regarding deaths specifically due to shortage of oxygen, since none of them said that a death occurred in their State/UT due to shortage of oxygen, there is no data for that. Did the Centre generate this data? No."

"There are three things one must pay attention to in the reply given by the Government. The Centre says that Health is a State/UT subject. It says that it just collects the data sent by States/UTs, it doesn't generate data", added Sambit Patra.

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AAP leader Satyendar Jain hit back at the central government saying , "They (Centre) will soon say there was no COVID-19. If there were no deaths due to lack of oxygen, why were hospitals going to the High Court for shortages? This is completely false".

Jain alleged that the Delhi government had formed an audit committee for oxygen to compensate victims, which the Centre stopped through LG.

"The Centre is rubbing salt on wounds. We'll appeal the LG to allow us to run the committee, said Jain.

No state/UT reported deaths of Covid-19 patients due to lack of liquid medical oxygen (LMO) during the second wave, the central government said on Tuesday. The statement was in the form of a written response to a question raised by Congress MP KC Venugopal in the Rajya Sabha.