Is Anand Subramanian mysterious ‘Yogi’ of NSE?

CBI investigation suggests that the mysterious Yogi is none other than a former employee of the National Stock Exchange. Mysterious Yogi was influenced by former NSE chief Chitra Ramkrishna in taking key decisions including appointing Anand Subramanian to the top post in NSE

Is Anand Subramanian mysterious ‘Yogi’ of NSE?

Mumbai: While the world was curious to know about mysterious ‘Yogi’ who was indirectly controlling important operations of NSE, it is now believed that the mysterious man is none other than Anand Subramanian, a close friend of Chitra Ramkrishna, the former CEO of NSE.

The media reports referring to a letter written by former NSE chairman Ashok Chawla to the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), the name was revealed by Chawla to SEBI.

The report said that Subramanian was working as group operating officer of the NSE and advisor to Ramkrishna during 2015-16. Subramanian joined as a chief strategic advisor in April 2013.

The letter reportedly provides a clear clue that it was Subramanian who was operating from behind as some mysterious Yogi located in Himalaya.

The letter was written on July 6, 2018, to Madhabi Puri Buch, a former member of SEBI. However, the latest statement of SEBI calls the mail id belongs to some unknown person. The email also had pictures of the geo-tag address of Subramanian's Chennai.

Further, the SEBI’s statement on the forensic investigation also concluded that the unknown person indeed was Subramanian.

Interestingly, on June 20, 2018, NSE board members Dinesh Kanabar and Prakash Parthasarthy held talks with Ramkrishna about the identity of the unknown person with whom she exchanged correspondence.

Meanwhile, Ramkrishna had reportedly told that she believed that it was some man with spiritual powers with whom she was corresponding.

According to the letter, Ramkrishna told the NSE board members that the confidential information shared by her wasn’t used for personal or monetary gains.

She further told them that while she took guidance from the spiritual person, all her decisions in the course of her work were her alone.

Amid these reports, SEBI’s whole-time member Ananta Barua, however believes that report does not provide conclusive finding that Subramanian himself is the unknown person. Experts believe that more investigation is needed to reveal the real identity of the mysterious Yogi.