Elon Musk blocks ‘God’ on Twitter, people react

Elon Musk blocks ‘God’ on Twitter, people react

Elon Musk regularly makes headlines not only because of the innovations and updates related to his companies, but also due to his tweets, which range from interesting to confusing. Be it posting memes on newest technologies or throwing shade at someone, his posts often leave Twitter users intrigued. That’s not all, the CEO of the micro-blogging site also creates chatter whenever he blocks or unblocks a Twitter account using his personal handle. The latest on his blocked list is a parody account with over six million followers.

Called God (Not a Parody, Actually God), the account gained immense popularity among people for sharing sarcastic and satirical posts, including some directed at Elon Musk. However, David Javerbaum, an American writer who runs the handle, stopped sharing posts from 2022. Recently, he took to Twitter again to share a post to show how he was blocked by the Twitter CEO.

“I’m not back. Just couldn’t help but showing you this. The world’s richest, craziest, and pettiest man, everybody,” reads the caption tweeted along with the screenshot showing how Musk blocked the account.

Since being shared a day ago, the tweet has accumulated more than 4.7 million views and the numbers are only increasing. Additionally, the share has also gathered several likes and comments.

Here’s how Twitter users reacted to the post:

“Well done God!” joked a Twitter user. “Lol what did you do?” asked another. “Nicely done,” commented a third. “Musk blocked God???? Actually, that tracks - you are competing with his self imposed crown,” wrote a fourth.