Its Totapuri promotions!

Its Totapuri promotions!

The team of Totapuri, the satire in two-parts directed by Vijayaprasad and starring Jaggesh, has announced plans for the film's release. 

The promotions for the film will start around the Ganesha Chaturti. Even this was announced by a promo showing the lead actor and the director eating mangoes.

Both parts of the film was shot simultaneously, but they will be released three months apart says producer Suresh. "The story required both parts to be shot together. We discussed many ways to bring both parts to the people at the earliest. But it is not prudent to release both parts at the same time even though both are ready," he said. 

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While films start their promotional activities with a lyrical video or teaser, Vijayaprasad decided to announce the promotions through a video that was shot for this purpose. As expected apart from the director and Jaggesh, even the humble totapuri mango is a character in this special video. 

The film has an ensemble cast that includes Aditi Prabhudeva, Dhananjaya, Suman Ranganath, Dattanna, Veena Sunder, Hemadath and others. The caveat for release by Suresh is that it won't happen until 100 percent occupancy for theatres is announced.