Why did Santosh choose Udupi to commit suicide ? C.T. Ravi questions

He also claimed that BJP never plays communal politics, accused Congress of playing appeasement politics  

Why did Santosh choose Udupi to commit suicide ? C.T. Ravi questions

Vijayapura: Raising doubts over the alleged suicide of contractor Santosh Patil which led to the resignation of K. S. Eshwarappa from his Ministry, BJP National General Secretary, C. T. Ravi has wondered why the contractor chose to commit suicide only in Udupi ?

“ I have serious doubt over the whole incident of the suicide. Firstly,  there is no answer to the question as to why he committed suicide in Udupi only. Secondly, whether the death note forwards in WhatsApp was typed by Santosh himself before the death or somebody else did not on his behalf after his death. Thirdly, why did he choose to stay in a separate room in the hotel while all of his friends stayed together”, he asked.

Ravi however said that only the autopsy report will give answers to all these questions.

Asked whether he will seek a CBI probe, he said that since there is no demand for it either from the family of the deceased or from the general public, thus, I do not think that a CBI probe is needed. However, he said that based on the situation, the CM will take appropriate decisions.

On the resignation of K. S. Eshwarappa from the Ministry, said that he welcomed the decision stating that the former took the decision on moral grounds and not because the opposition was demanding.

On the allegations of the Karnataka State Contractors’ Association that they have been demanded 40% commission by the government officials and the elected representatives, Ravi refutes allegations.

On the contrary, he doubted that someone else is instigating the state president of the association to make allegations against the government.

Admitting that corruption exists in the system, he however blamed the Congress for nurturing corruption and making it a giant problem.

Claiming that the BJP is the secular party that never does politics on communal grounds, BJP National General  Secretary, C. T. Ravi has said that it is Congress that has been doing appeasement politics for the vote of Muslims.
Addressing media persons on Friday, he said the Congress has been doing only appeasement politics which its projects as secularism.

“ It is time we should change the definition of secularism and communalism.  The Congress projects appeasement as secularism and the BJP which believes in religious equality projects communalism. What kind of justice is it? If the Congress stands for Hijab then it is a secular party, but when the BJP stands for uniformity in schools, then the Congress calls it communalism. This is not acceptable at all”, he said.

When sought his reaction to Sri Ram  Sene workers destroying the watermelons of Muslim traders recently in Dharwad as he was doing business outside the temple, Ravi though said nobody should take the law into their hands, however, he was against questions Congress for its failure to stand with Hindu workers.

“ When Harsha and Chandru were killed, the Congress stayed quiet but when some watermelons of Muslim vendors were destroyed, the Congress started feeling pain for people. This is nothing but selective politics”, he said.

On the Hijab row also, he said that Congress stood for Hijab while the BJP stood for the uniform.
“ If the BJP had stood for Hijab, we would have become secular, but since we stood for uniform in the schools, we became communal in the eyes of the Congress”, he retorted.