TN issues red alert: heavy rainfall in the state for two days

Tamil Nadu has received heavy rain in last week. The government has issued red alert, asking people to move safer zone those who residing near river areas

TN issues red alert: heavy rainfall in the state for two days

Chennai: Tamil Nadu government has announced the red alert, anticipating for heavy rainfall on Wednesday and Tuesday. Alert has been issued for 20 districts across Tamil Nadu. The rain made havoc in the state.

The metrological department has said that heavy and very heavy rainfall is expected by tomorrow in the Southern part of the state as well as neighbouring Puducherry and Karaikal.

Tamil Nadu government has set up siren towers to alert authorities to flood and other emergencies. In Chennai, 46 boats and as many JCBs, or earthmovers, over 500 giant motor pumps have been deployed to aid in rescue efforts and to drain floodwaters, Greater Chennai Commissioner Gagandeep Singh Bedi said.

Government has already set up 169 relief centres and floods from rainfall earlier this week have been cleared in 216 of around 400 areas. 14 of 16 flooded subways have also been cleared. Free food will be given at 'Amma canteens' and the Chennai Corporation will distribute food packets to communities in low-lying areas.