Raita Sangha announces to contest Karnataka assembly polls next year 

Kodihalli Chandrashekhar, the State president of the Sangha has accused the BJP government of betraying the farmers.

Raita Sangha announces to contest Karnataka assembly polls next year 

BIJAPUR; 11  Announcing that he and his organization, Karnataka Rajya Raita Sangha will contest in the coming assembly elections against the BJP government for its failure to repeal three farm laws, 

Addressing presspersons on Friday, he said that Chief Minister, Basavaraj Bommai had assured Sangha that three laws will be repealed in the Belagavi session.

“ But the CM failed to meet his promises. When we met him in Belagavi during the session, he said that laws will be repealed in the session to be held in Bengaluru by taking opposition parties into confidence. Now as the session is going on in Bengaluru, the CM has to announce the repealing of farm laws”, Chandrashekhar said.

He said that the Sangha has called for a mega rally in Bengaluru on March 28 to exert pressure on the government and plan their next political move for the coming assembly polls.

“ Certainly, we have decided to contest in the coming election. We are not shying away from electoral politics. Mostly we will be fielding candidates in all the assembly segments of the State to show our strength”, he said.

When asked whether the organization will extend any support to other parties such as Congress or the JDS, he described both parties as equally dangerous to the farming sector.

“ When we met Leader of the Opposition, Siddaramaiah and asked him whether his party will repeal the farm laws if voted to power, Siddaramaiah did not give any direct assurance. As far as the JDS is concerned, it is the party which has given clear consent to the BJP to formulate the anti-farmer laws, therefore, there is no question of supporting any party”, he said.

Mentioning the laws, he said that the farmers are demanding the government to repeal the APMC amendment act, amendments made in the land reforms act and amendments made in the land acquisition act.

Besides this, he also mentioned the government to withdraw the prevention of cattle slaughter act which he felt is also anti-farmer.

“ The BJP calls cow as mother and says the sacred animal should not be killed. The BJP conveniently forgets the fact that the cows are being killed for thousands of years in India. But the BJP is making it an emotional issue by hitting hard on the rural economy of the country.

Keep your emotional aspects aside and think practically about how the law is making an adverse impact on the rural economy of the country and the State”, he said.

Chandrashekhar said that with the law, the BJP not only wants to destroy the rural economy but also plans to hand over the agricultural lands to private companies.

He asserted that his Sangha never supported or campaigned against any political party in the last four decades. “ But this time, we have been forced to openly campaign against the BJP government for passing anti-farmer laws”, he said.

State general secretary, Bhaktrahalli Bairegouda, J. Kartik, MalteshPujari, Hanumantappa Holeyache, Shantareddy Policepatil, Sangamesh Sagar, Maheshgouda Subedar and others were present.