‘Mir Sadiq’ of Congress created fake audio: BJP

‘Mir Sadiq’ of Congress created fake audio: BJP

Bengaluru: Karnataka BJP has alleged that a congress leader was behind in creating fabricated audio clipping of party President Nalin Kumar Kateel, who allegedly spoke to his loyalist over a phone regarding leadership change in the state. 

In series of tweets, Karnataka bjp mentioned that “Mir Sadiq of Congress has created the fake audio to impress Congress top leader of Delhi. This Mir Sadiq to take revenge against Mahanayaka in the party created fake audio”, BJP tweeted without taking the name of Congress leader.  

“Is fake audio of Nalin Kumar Kateel was created by Mahanayaka or Mir Sadiq”, Congress questioned in tweets. “Mir Sadiq in Congress party has been trying to settle the score against Mahanaayaka; Before his Delhi tour to impress his top leader at Delhi, Mir Sadiq has released fake audio in the name of BJP President”, BJP tweets stated. 

Mir Sadiq is capable of taking revenge against anybody. In the 2013 Assembly elections, the same Mir Sadiq has ensured the defeat of then KPCC President and Dalit leader Dr. G.Parameshwar from the Koratagere constituency. BJP mentioned the hashtag Mahanayaka vs Mir Sadiq in the tweets. Without taking of any leaders, BJP mentioned Mahanayaka and Mir Sadiq of the Congress party. 

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KPCC has countered that “BJP is not ready to accept video or audio. Ramesh Jarakiholi has denied that his video was fabricated, later he agreed that it was his image in the video. Now it is Nalin Kumar Kateel. He denies that it was fake audio, but later he will confess that it will his voice only. BJP MLA, Aravind Bellad has alleged about phone tapping”,