HDK calls party workers to focus on state issues

HDK calls party workers to focus on state issues

Bengaluru:  Former chief minister HD Kumaraswamy, apparently calling for a truce with Mandya MP Sumalatha Ambareesh, has called for party workers to focus on the state's development. 

After bitter war of words with Sumalatha over mining in Mandya district, Kumaraswamy seemingly put an end to the ongoing verbal spat. He has urged workers to focus on 'other issue.'

In a series of tweets, Kumaraswamy urged his supporters to ignore 'other issues' to focus on the development of 'Kannada, Kannadiga and Karnataka'  

Kumaraswamy tweeted, "Let's talk about regional identity and issues, raise our voice on the injustice meted out to the state in the federal system. And take these issues to the people. We should be vocal against vested interests opposing Cauvery river projects. Also, we should demand compensation and assistance due from the Centre."

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"JDS has not politicised the COVID-19 issue. The party stood by people during the crisis and forgot to caution the government. We should focus on 'Karnataka-centered politics.' Let's people take a call on allegations levelled against us, " Kumaraswamy added.

Kumaraswamy seemingly lost ground in the ongoing bitter spat with Sumalatha. 

Sumalatha raised concerns over damage to the KRS dam due to mining activities in surrounding areas. Kumaraswamy, senior leader of JDS, which has considerable support in the district, took up the issue head-on in support of mining operations. He dragged former Congress Ambareesh's name into slugfest, alleging that the late leader had allowed mining activities. 

Also, Kumaraswamy levelled personal attacks against Sumalatha, which was widely discussed by the media and public. On the other hand, Sumalatha objected to personal attacks saying she cannot lower her standards on par with Kumaraswamy.