Covid third wave: 5-10 percent hospitalization in the Country

The ratio of hospitalization is less in the third wave compared to the second wave in 2021, but this ratio may change in the coming days as virus is dynamic and the situation is worst.

Covid third wave: 5-10 percent hospitalization in the Country

New Delhi: Though experts have opinioned that the third wave of the Covid pandemic was less effective comparing the second wave, the government says that the hospitalization rate of 5-10 percent and said that it may change in the future.

The government has said that the situation is dynamic and evolving, the need for hospital care may change rapidly. During the second wave, the rate of hospitalization was in the range of 20-30 percent says government data.

On Monday, total of 1.79 lakh fresh cases was recorded and the daily positivity rate goes up to 13.29 percent. However 10 days back, the country was registering only 10,000 to 15,000 cases daily.

Due to the highly infectious Omicron variant, the sudden rise of the cases. India has recorded, 4000 Omicron cases across the country, says Health Ministry.

The Centre has instructed all states and union territories to keep ICU beds, Oxygen, and ventilator support. The Covid care centers have to be upgraded oxygen support beds, whenever required, the government instructed all states.

Delhi, Maharashtra, and other states have said that they are preparing oxygen beds and ventilator support beds.    

From Monday onwards, booster doses have been officially inaugurated across the country for healthcare and frontline workers above 60 with illness.