BSY ready to ‘confront’ party central leadership

BSY ready to ‘confront’ party central leadership


Bengaluru: Notwithstanding a section of party central leaders and BJP rebel MLAs attempt to unseat him from CM post, the Chief Minister B.S.Yediyurappa send a clear message to his detractors that he is completing the remaining two years term and leading the party in the 2023 Assembly elections. 

It seems Lingayat strongmen is getting ready to confront with party central leadership for its attempt to change of leadership in the state. Mr. Yediyurappa, who once a poster boy of the BJP, not ready to budge the pressure tactics of the party. 

BJP national secretary and party Karnataka in-charge Arun Singh has visited the state and ruled out leadership change in the state. BJP State President Nalin Kumar Kateel too echoed his statement. 

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Despite the party in charge has given clarity about leadership change, detractors of Yediyurappa have continued their effort to unseat him from the CM post. Even central leaders who hailed from Karnataka doing an undercover operation to oust Yediyurappa. Party leaders wanted power transfer must be a smooth affair in Karnataka. 

B.Y. Vijayendra, son of Chief Minister B.S.Yediyurappa

On the other hand, Chief Minister’s son B.Y. Vijayendra started a parallel meeting with a section of party central leaders. Last week he held discussions with party central leaders at Delhi, requested them to allow Yediyurappa to complete the remaining term. 

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Even a few pontiffs of lingayat mutts openly supported Yediyurappa, urged party central leadership to continue in CM post. 

Though Mr. Arun Singh has given clarity on leadership change, rebel MLAs did not stop their attempt to unseat him and taken Delhi trip to meet party high command. 

Annoyed by the attempt of rebel MLAs, Mr. Yediyurappa openly said he would complete the remaining two years term and lead the party in the next Assembly elections to bring back the government by winning 130 plus seats. 

Sources in the party said that the change of Mr. Yediyurappa would not be an easy task for party central leadership. Now he ready to confront with party central leadership. Thus, he has sent a clear message to party central leaders that he will stay for two years and lead the party in the next elections.

A few days back, Mr. Yediyurappa openly said that he would continue in the CM post till the party high command has confidence in him and said he is ready to step down whenever the party high command asked. But the tone of the Chief Minister has changed a lot after Arun Singh visit to the state, stated that he will complete the term and will work hard to bring the party to power in the 2023 Assembly elections. 

Mr. Vijayendra also stressed that B.S.Yediyurappa will complete two years term and stated that the Delhi tour of a few MLAs had nothing to do with leadership change. 

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