Congress helped BJP to grow in Karnataka- HDK

Congress helped BJP to grow in Karnataka- HDK

Bengaluru: In a scathing attack against Congress and its leaders, the former Chief Minister, H.D.Kumaraswamy, alleged that because of the Congress party's tacit understanding with BJP leaders, the saffron party came to power in Karnataka. 

After inducting leaders from other parties to JD(S) here on Thursday, Mr. Kumaraswamy blamed Congress for strengthening BJP in the state. 

Mr. Kuamaraswamy criticized the Chief Minister's statement of bringing back to BJP to power. People will give a fitting lesion to BJP for its corruption and misdeeds in the state, he criticized. 

Recalling the 2004 Assembly elections, Mr. Kumaraswamy said that “in 2004Congres has demanded CM post. When Congress has tried to finish our party, to save my party, I have joined hands with BJP, but I never compromised the party's core principles during power-sharing with BJP”, Mr. Kumaraswamy said. 

“Because of Congress's tacit understanding, BJP has come to power in 2008 with a thin majority, 5 Independent MLAs had supported the government. It was Congress leaders who sent that five MLAs to BJP. We offered unconditional support to Congress to form the government, but Congress did not agree to our proposal”, Mr. Kumaraswamy recalled. 

“Because of divisions in BJP and its corruption, Congress has come to power. When BJP was in power JD(S) has exposed many corruption issues of that party, but Congress has gained from it by coming to power. In the 2018 Assembly elections, Congress has approached me, requested to become CM. Despite all humiliation, I had continued in CM post, but 17 rebel MLAs have saved my life. If they not have brought down the government, I would have died due to the humiliation and harassment of Congress leaders”, he said. 

Mr. Kumaraswamy requested the party workers to support JD(S) in the 2023 elections. If JDS comes to power, he will implement Panchakshari programs for the betterment of the people. He has announced Pancha Ratna programs of Health, Education, Housing, Employment, and Farmers ‘ welfare.