BJP will be wiped out if BSY unseated: Shamanuru

BJP will be wiped out if BSY unseated: Shamanuru

Bengaluru: Akhila Bharath Veerashaiva Lingayat Mahasabha has warned that if BJP unseat the Chief Minister B.S.Yediyurappa, "it will be the end of Karnataka BJP". 

After meeting Yediyurappa at his official residence, Akhila Bharath Veerashaiva Lingayat Mahasabha President and senior Congress leader Shamanuru Shivashankarappa said that, Lingayat community is with Yediyurappa. If BJP unseated him CM post, the community will move forward and will finish the BJP, he warned. 

“Lingayat community will completely backed Mr. Yediyurappa. It is not appropriate to change the Yediyurappa from CM post since he is doing good job”, Mr. Shamanuru said. 

Mr. Yediyurappa also gets support from Congress leader M.B. Patil. Interestingly no lingayat leader of BJP that too loyalist ministers and MLAs of Yediyurappa did not utter any words regarding their stand. No BJP leaders have openly stated the continuation of Yediyurappa in the CM post. 

Earlier in the day, Congress leader M.B. Patil has stated that because of the contribution of Yediyurappa, BJP came to power in Karnataka. Party is not treating well to Yediyurappa, despite his immense contribution to the party, he remarked. 

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“BJP has tactfully weakened Yediyurappa. After his return from Bengaluru from Delhi, BJP has leaked the news about a change of leadership. Now it has released the audio stating that new Chief Minister will be selected from Delhi”, Mr. Patil said. 

Meanwhile, few pontiffs of Lingayat maths were also openly supported Mr. Yediyurappa. Pontiff of Rambapuri Math has warned the BJP central leadership not to change the Chief Minister, if so party will lose the support base of Lingayats, he warned.