‘Rebel’ Anand Singh threatens to resign

‘Rebel’ Anand Singh threatens to resign

Bengaluru: Beleaguered BJP leader and Tourism minister Anand Singh has met former Chief Minister B.S.Yediyurappa here on Wednesday requested him to prevail upon party leadership to allot key portfolio in Basavaraj Bommai cabinet. 

Mr. Singh, likely to meet Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai, would request him to change his portfolio. 

During his brief meeting with BSY, Mr. Singh urged him for a plum portfolio. He also complained that party leadership had treated him as an outsider though he resigned from Congress and joined the BJP in 2019. 

The former Chief Minister has not promised him to get a key portfolio, but he suggested him not take any hasty decision. Yediyurappa has pacified him that he would bring to the notice of party central leadership about his demand. 

B.S.Yediyurappa asked Mr. Singh to come to Bengaluru. Mr. Singh has hired a helicopter, arrived in Bengaluru along with his friend and BJP MLA, Raju Gowda, to meet Mr. Yediyurappa and Bommai. 

Earlier in a day, after offering Pooja to his home deity Venugopalswamy in Hospete, Mr. Anand Sing hinted that he would resign to Assembly membership. He expressed his displeasure against the Chief Minister for not allotting key portfolios. 

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“I have started my political journey after offering prayers to Venugopalswamy temple Hospete; today, I am here to seek divine blessings of my home deity. I have been in public life since 15 years. I don’t know my political journey will end here or resume”, Mr. Singh told reporters. 

"I have under the wrong impression that party leaders would come to my rescue, but I still hope that the party and leaders would come to my support. If B.S.Yediyurappa is in CM post. I would not have come to this decision". 

“I have not demanded any portfolio and not resorting to any blackmail tactics. If I am wrong, I will definitely correct myself and will not embarrass the party senior leaders”, he added.  

Meanwhile, MTB Nagaraj has said that Chief Minister has promised to change his portfolio, at present, he was allotted Municipal administration. Ranebennuru constituency MLA, R. Shankar, demanded the Chief Minister to induct him into his cabinet. 

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