BJP termed KPCC President as ‘rowdydks’

BJP termed KPCC President as ‘rowdydks’

Bengaluru: In a series of tweets, the Karnataka BJP has taken a dig at KPCC President D.K. Shivakumar for assaulting a party worker who tried to take his selfie during KPCC President's visit to K.M Doddi in Maddur taluk on Friday. 

Under the hashtag of ‘rowdydks,’ BJP is attaching video clippings of Mr. D.K.Shivakumar is hitting party workers who tried to take a selfie with him. BJP tweeted that did D.K. Shivakumar get remembered his association with rowdy Kotwal? Being a State unit president of the National Party, he assaulted a party worker; it is an unpardonable act on the part of KPCC President, bjp tweets. 

“Mr. Shivakumar should first learn how to behave with the public. Recently, he has assaulted a student who trying to get a selfie with him at Belagavi. Mr. Shivakumar, if it would have inevitable for you to adopt underworld behaviour, kindly leave up public life”, BJP said in another tweet. 

 “ During party meeting, Mr. Shivakumar warned party workers that if anyone intervenes in the middle while he was talking, he will be thrown out of them. Behaviours of D.K.Shivakumar of assaulting party workers, snatching mobile from them are nothing but rowdy behaviour”, BJP tweeted. 

“Shivakumar is assaulting his own party workers; think what about the public who approaches him for help. Shivakumar is becoming a rowdy ambassador for politics”, BJP chided. 

BJP tweeted that "Mr. Shivakumar is assaulting media people, the public, and party workers. Are you a politician or rowdy?" BJP questioned.