Lakhs of people paid homage to Appu

Like his father, Puneeth Rajkumar has enjoyed a massive fan following across the state. His unnoticed social service, humbleness, down to earth character has made him the perfect hero both on-screen and off-screen

Lakhs of people paid homage to Appu

Bengaluru: It could be termed as a sea of people in Kanteerava Indore Stadium from Friday afternoon to Saturday evening to pay last respect to their beloved power star Appu. 

After the news broke out of Puneeth's untimely demise, lakhs of people are started coming to Bengaluru to pay the tribute to the actor. Police have struggled to control the crowd. A long queue piled up outside the Stadium. 

As like in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, people are emotionally connected with film stars in Karnataka. Kannada icon and Padmabushana recipient, late actor, Dr. Rajkumar enjoyed a large fan following in Karnataka, after that later actor Ambareesh and Vishnu Vardhan. 

Among young actors, Dharshan, Sudeep, Yash, Puneeth Rajkumar, Shivaraj Kumar and others had their own fan following across the state. 

Several lakhs of people were thronged when Varanata Dr. Rajkumar died in 2006, but unfortunately, that time around 8 people had died during the stampede. During the death of leading actors Ambareesh and Vishnuvardhan, people have rushed to Bengaluru to pay homage to their beloved actors. 

But after seeing lakhs of people gathered in Kanteerava stadium has recalled the memory of the demise of his father Dr. Rajkumar, during that time too, several lakhs of people had attended the funeral procession of the Kannada icon. Like his father, Appu had enjoyed lakhs of fan following across the state. Many leading Tollywood actors have paid last respect to their departed power star. 

Another leading actor in Kannada, Sudeep paying tribute to his colleague by writing an emotional piece. 

But the untimely demise of talented young actor Puneeth Rajkumar has devastated the Kannada film industry, like Mr. Sudeep said the big void has created in the Industry. 

Police have banned the vehicular movement in Kasturba Road, Cunnigham Road, Wilson road. At one point of time, people are trying to break the gates of Kanteerava stadium, police have timely intervened and dispersed the crowd.