Taliban wants peaceful relations with other countries

Taliban wants peaceful relations with other countries

Kabul: The Taliban held their first official news conference in Kabul declared that they wanted peaceful relations with other countries and would respect women's rights within the framework of Islamic law.

Zabiullah Mujahid, official spokesmen for the Taliban, said, "We don't want any internal or external enemies".

Mujahid said that women would be allowed to work and study and "will be very active in society but within the framework of Islam". He said private media could continue to be free and independent in Afghanistan. "The Taliban were committed to the press within its cultural framework," said Mujahid.

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Abiding by key demand in a deal the militants struck with the Trump administration in 2020; the Taliban iterated that it would not allow Afghanistan to harbour anyone targeting other nations.


Taliban pledged that Afghanistan would be free of narcotics. Mujahid said, "In 2001, if you remember, we had brought narcotics content production to zero in 2001, but our country was unfortunately occupied by then and the way was paved for reproduction of narcotics even at the level of the government – everybody was involved."

"From now on, Afghanistan will be a narcotics-free country but it needs international assistance. The international community should help us so that we can have alternative crops. We can provide alternative crops. Then, of course, very soon, we can bring it to an end".

Earlier, The Taliban declared a ‘general amnesty’ for all government officials in Afghanistan and urged them to return to work two days after taking power following a lightning sweep through the country. Also, Taliban Spokesperson Suhail Shaheen assured all international or national workers of a safe and secure environment in the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

The Taliban ,a day before, have declared the war in Afghanistan is over and waiting for foreign forces to leave before creating a new governance structure. As foreign nations resumed evacuation missions, China said it was ready for “friendly relations” with the Taliban, while Russia and Iran also made diplomatic overtures.