Lalu arrives to Patna, Tej Pratap welcome him with washing feet

After gap of three years Lal Yadav arrives to Patna, he was released on bail earlier this year. But flued within Lal family was unfolded during his arrival. His elder son Tej Pratap forced him to visit his house, there he washed his father's feet with water

Lalu arrives to Patna, Tej Pratap welcome him with washing feet

Patna: After spending three years in jail, RJD Supremo Lal Prasad Yadav has returned to Patna, he is out on bail for health reasons.

Soon after he came to Patna, Mr. Lal has dropped to his elder Son Tej Pratap Yadav after later staged protest for arrival of his father to his house. Mr. Tej Pratap has washed his father’s feet outside his home and wiping it dry with a cloth around his neck. But Mr. Lal Yadav has not stepped out from his car. The tension and cold war within the family is quite visible. Lal has went to his wife Rabri Devi’s residence.

Tej Pratap has unilaterally overtaken by brother Tejashwi in the race to be the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) political hair. It was not goes well with his father and he was reprimanded to his elder son.

RJD supremo Lal Yadav was not happy with his on Tej Pratap for lack of his political honing, thus he did not wish to visit Tej Yadav house, but later has protested, demanded his father to visit his house.

Earlier in day, both Yadav brothers have went to Airport to receive father. Both were not in talking terms. Without greeting his son Tej Yadav, Mr. Lal has straight away drove to his wife Rabri Devi’s house. But Tej Pratap has protested and demanded his father to visit his house.

Meanwhile Tej Yadav has alleged that RJD President Jagdanand Singh and others have humiliated him and stopped him from spending time with his father in Airport. He was also upset with absence of his photograph in the banner put up to welcome RJD Supremo to Patna.

Talking to PTI, Mr. Tej Pratap said that he has  nothing do with RJD, he is a devoted son, the visuals also viral that Tej Pratap has sweeping the spot near the gate and waiting to welcome his father. Soon after his father arrival, Tej Pratap has tried to wash his feet with milk, but his mother Rabri Devi has stopped him from doing so. Then he washed his father’s feet with water and dry it in cloth which was put around his neck. Speaking to reporters, Mr. Tej Yadav said that his father is like god to him, the forces have tried to frame his father now exposed.

"My demand was that my father should come here, even if for two minutes, and I have won half the battle now. The family and the people matter to me. I don't want to go into what anyone is saying,", Mr. Yadav said after washing his father’s feet.

Lalu Yadav was granted bail in four fodder scam cases, was at daughter and MP Misa Bharti's Delhi residence following his release from jail earlier this year. Now he came to Patna.  Meanwhile the bye poll will be held to two Assembly constituencies on October 30. Lal Yadav said that he will go for campaigning for the bye polls, no one will be stopped him from campaigning for his party. He said that court has granted bail to him for not health grounds, because he has spent in jail more than half of jail terms awarded.