Ukraine war: Naveen’s body will arrive Bengaluru on Monday morning

Haveri resident Naveen Shekarappa 21-year-old medical student killed in a Russian missile attack on March 1 in Kharkiv city of Ukraine. Finally, the Indian government has able to bring back his dead body from war-torn country. His mortal remains will be arrived to Bengaluru on Monday morning

Ukraine war: Naveen’s body will arrive Bengaluru on Monday morning

Bengaluru: Indian government has finally succeeded in its attempt to bring back the mortal remains of Karnataka’s student Naveen Shekarappa, who was killed in a Russian missile attack in Kharkiv city on March 1, 2022.

The Indian embassy in Ukraine and Russia made effort to repatriate his body to India. After 20 days of effort, Ukrainian authorities in Kharkiv have handed over the dead body of Naveen to India.  

The special flight carrying his mortal remains will be landed in Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru at 2.45 am on Monday morning. Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai will receive the body and the same will be handed over to Naveen’s parents.

Naveen Shekarappa, a 21-year-old student and resident of Haveri district studying fourth-year medical in Kharkiv, he went out to buy breakfast for himself and his friends but was eventually killed in a Russian missile attack on a supermarket in Kharkiv city.


The Indian government had made a consistent effort to bring back his body to the Country. Naveen’s parents and relatives pleaded with the Prime Minister to bring back his mortal remains.

Two ambulances have been arranged by the state police to shift the body to Naveen’s hometown Haveri district.

The Chief Minister has thanked the Prime Minister for bringing the mortal remains of Naveen Shekarappa.

“Hon'ble @narendramodiji with your efforts the mortal remains of Naveen Shekharappa Gyangoudar is reaching Bengaluru at 2:45 am on Monday. Myself and people of Karnataka are grateful to your deep concern”, Chief Minister thanked Prime Minister.

Chief Minister has written thanking letter to Prime Minister Modi stated that “I express my sincere thanks sir, for your concern about Naveen Shekarappa who died in Kharkiv, Ukraine war and diligently pursuing the repatriation of his mortal remains”.  


“With the effort of your goodself the Naveen Shekarappa mortal remains is coming on Monday. The news about his mortal remains coming to India has been appreciated by everybody in Karnataka which seemed to be impossible”.

“I once again thank you on behalf of parents of Naveen and people of Karnataka for showing your deep concern. I will also mention special thanks for brining thousands of students back to the Country”, Chief Minister mentioned in the letter.

Naveen’s tragic death

Many students from Karnataka are studying in Kharkiv and stranded in Kharikiv. Russian troops have resorted to heavy shelling on this second-largest city of Ukraine. Russian missiles hit the strategic and military establishment of Kharkiv city.

During crossfire, Russian miles hit a few residential buildings. Kharkiv, the second-largest city of Ukraine has witnessed heavy shelling, Russian forces have made an intense missile attack on Kharkiv and due to heavy airstrike, one multi-storied building has collapsed.


Karnataka student Naveen has died on March 1 following heavy shelling of Russian troops, he has out for this morning for breakfast. His mortal remains were kept in the mortuary of Kharkiv. Due to a shortage of food he went out to buy breakfast. He and his four friends were decided to stay at Kharkiv.

Arindam Bagchi, spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs tweeted that “With profound sorrow, we confirm that an Indian student lost his life in shelling in Kharkiv this morning. The Ministry is in touch with his family. We convey our deepest condolences to the family.

Venkatesh, a resident of Chalageri village and a friend of Shekharappa Naveen's father, has requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to expedite the evacuation of all Indians who stranded in war-torn Ukraine.

Speaking to reporters that his son was also a student at Naveen's college, that Naveen and his son were good friends, and that they shared a bunker. Venkatesh stated that Naveen awoke early in the morning and went outside to buy food and that while he was out, he was killed in the shooting event.

Venkatesh stated that his son had urged Naveen not to go outdoors, but he did so without telling anyone. He said the students are facing lots of problems and are confined to the bunker. They don't have any food or water. They haven't eaten anything for three days. Venkatesh quoted his son as saying, "They ate chocolates yesterday."