Pak PM Imran Khan faces rebellion within party 

Pak PM Imran Khan faces rebellion within party 

Islamabad: Imran Khan, the Pakistan Prime Minister who was already facing a tough time to retain his position after the opposition moved a no-confidence motion against him, is now getting further cornered after his own party’s elected representatives raised the flag of revolt against him.

According to the reports, over 20 members of his party have declared to vote against him in the no-confidence motion tabled in Parliament by the Opposition.

It may be noted around over a hundred members of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) submitted a no-confidence motion before the National Assembly Secretariat on March 8.

The members have held the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) government of mishandling Pakistan’s economy which has led to a steep rise in prices of essential commodities.The motion will be taken up for voting on March 28.

While the opposition moved the no-confidence motion, Khan had not expected that it would be supported by his party colleagues when around 24 lawmakers said that they are going with the opposition.

Raja Riaz, one of the lawmakers, has accused Khan of failing to control the spiralling inflation. Another lawmaker Noor Alam Khan said that Khan did not heed to any of the issues when brought to his notice.

They said that since they are upset with Khan’s style of functioning, they have decided to raise a flag of revolt against him.

These 24 members who are not happy with Khan and have decided to vote against him, are reportedly staying at Sindh House in Islamabad which is a property of the Sindh government.

While Imran’s party leaders accused the Sindh government of keeping the unhappy members forcibly, the lawmakers however made it clear that they are staying on their own without being forced by anybody.

Amid this, it is learnt that Khan is also consulting his legal team on how to disqualify the dissidents.

Khan, 69, is heading a coalition government and he can be removed if some of the partners decide to switch sides.

In the 342-member National Assembly, the Opposition needs 272 votes to remove Khan, the cricketer-turned-politician.

The PTI has 155 members in the House and needs at least 172 lawmakers on its side to remain in the government. The party has the support of 23 members belonging to at least six political parties.

Khan's PTI party came to power in 2018 and the next general election is scheduled to be held in 2023.