Odd time of Vijayapura-Bengaluru train continues to bother passengers

Passengers ask for a revision of time, want train to reach B’lore early morning

Odd time of Vijayapura-Bengaluru train continues to bother passengers

Vijayapura: The timing of train runs between Vijayapura and Bengaluru continues to cause trouble to passengers as they are demanding the South Western Railway to revise the timing in the interest of passengers.

Nikhil Bagalkotkar, a frequent commuter between Vijayapura and Bengaluru, is upset with South Western Railway (SWR) for operating Vijayapura-Yesvantpur at odd time. “This train has been introduced for the benefit of the people of Vijayapura and Bagalkot but the timings are unfeasible and people are forced to opt for other modes of transport,” he said.

It is not just Nikhil, who is a businessman, but the majority of the people from both the districts express unhappiness over the timings of trains that run between Vijayapura-Yesvantpur express special (06542/45) and also of Vijayapura-Mangaluru express special (07377/78).

As per the current timings of the Vijayapura-Yesvantpur express, the train departs Vijayapura at 7pm and reaches Yesvantpur at 10:20 am and the same train departs Yesvantpur at 11:30 pm and arrives Vijayapura at 1:55 pm. With regard to the Vijayapura-Mangaluru express, the train departs Vijayapura at 6:15 pm and reaches Mangaluru at 12:40 pm and the same train departs Mangaluru at 2:50 pm and arrives at Vijayapura at 9:35 am.    

These two new daily special express trains were introduced three years ago, that is, in 2019. However, both the train services were suspended for nearly two years due to Covid-19 and restored recently. Since day one of the introductions of these two trains the passengers have been complaining about the training timings and demanding railway authorities to revise the timings. But the efforts have gone in vain.

Ashok Hallur, chairman of Vijayapura Railway Action Committee, pointed out that, “We have submitted many memorandums to the railway authorities demanding to revise the timings of Vijyapura-Yesvantpur and Vijayapura-Mangaluru express special trains but have not received any positive response till date. Because of the unscientific timings - the trains are running empty most of the days. Instead of benefiting the people of this region, these trains are profiting to another region.”

“If the patronization has to be improved on both the trains, the railway authorities have to revise the train timings immediately. SWR should ensure that the Vijayapura-Yesvantpur train reaches Bengaluru early morning instead of 10:20 am and also arrives in Vijayapura by 8 am instead of 1:55 am. Similarly, Vijayapura-Mangaluru train timings should also be altered, where it should reach Mangaluru by 9:30 am.”

“The railway authorities don’t even respect the words of elected members. They have to run trains for the benefit of the passengers, not for the sake of operating trains. The railway authorities should stress on the development of rail service in Vijayapura and Bagalkot,” urged rail activist Ashok.

Assuring of looking into the complaints of the commuters, Aneesh Hegade, Chief Public Relations Officer, said, “We shall examine, based on demand, patronization & operational feasibility/constraints. The revision needs the concurrence of Southern Railway also because Mangalore Junction comes in their jurisdiction. We will discuss with Southern Railway and examine.”