Govt allows ‘conditional’ public celebration of Ganesha fest

Govt allows ‘conditional’ public celebration of Ganesha fest

Bengaluru: The State government has given conditional based permission for public celebration of the Ganesha festival owing to the third wave of Covid pandemic. 

Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai held a meeting with ministers and officers regarding Covid 19 situation in the state; in the meeting Chief Minister has decided to give permission to the public celebration of the Ganesha festival with certain conditions. 

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Revenue Minister R. Ashok said that, the government has permitted to hold a public celebration of the Ganesha festival on a conditional basis. Organizations can celebrate festivals for five days; only one Ganesha idol can be installed in the ward; permission will not be allowed to install idols at public places like temples and schools. At a time, one idol can be installed in a village. 

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There are 17 guidelines have been issued for the celebration of the Ganesha festival. Mainly government has denied conducting entertainment programs like musical night and orchestra. Only a 50X50 dimension pendal can be established; before installing the idol, organizers have to take police permission. Idol can be immersed at a specific place identified by the BBMP and local administration, Mr. Ashok said. 

While immersing idol, the procession will not be allowed. There will be no pooja or religious offering after 9 PM, and organizers should compulsorily take two doses of vaccine, Mr. Ashok added. 


A minimum number of devotees should be present at Pendal during pooja; only four feet height Ganesh idol should be installed in public places whereas, at home, only 2 feet height idol was allowed. 

Organizers should take compulsory permission from local authorities, BBMP, only one idol has allowed in the ward in BBMP limits. Apartments residents have been allowed to install idols, but with only 20 members participants. Devotees are allowed to attend pooja through online. At pooja place, the covid protocol should be strictly maintained, including sanitization and wearing masks. 

The government has also warned that if any violation during the public celebration, the government will slap cases against violators under IPC Section 188. The government has also allowed the organizers to conduct vaccination drives at pooja places.