Rajnath Singh visits Bipin Rawat’s residence in Delhi, official statement tomorrow in Parliament   

The government has deferred its decision to make official statement tomorrow in Parliament. Considering security reasons. The government will come with a comprehensive statement including the reason for the crash, survival and casualty detail. 

Rajnath Singh visits Bipin Rawat’s residence in Delhi, official statement tomorrow in Parliament    

Coonoor: Multiple theories doing round for reasons of helicopter crash in which Chief of Defence Staff Bipin Rawat and his wife Madhuika Rawat was travelling to Defence Staff College in Wellington, Tamil Nadu. 

Indian Air Force has ordered for enquiry to probe the crash, however, defence experts stated that engine failure could be the main reason for the crash of Mi-17, Russian made copter which operates all kinds of weather and even at night. 

Many reasons are floating for the crash of the highly secured helicopter. Defence expert stated engine failure could be a reason for the crash. The helicopter has taken off from Sulur airbase at 11.45 AM and heading towards Wellington Defence staff college for an official visit. Even bad weather cannot be ruled out for helicopter crashes, according to localities, thick mist prevails at Nilgiri hills. 

Onboard including Bipin Rawat and his wife total of 14 members.  Defence Assistant, security commandos and Indian Air Force personnel were reportedly travelling to Wellington. The copter crashes near Coonoor, Niligir hilly region before 15 of its scheduled landing.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin has ordered Niligiri district authorities to extend all kinds of assistance to defence staff. He has also sent a specialized medical team to Coonoor. He will visit the crash site by evening.

The incident has shuttered the defence establishment. Defence minister Rajanath Singh is expected to address Parliament any time now. He is just awaiting official confirmation from Defence regarding survivals in the tragic incident. Air Chief Marshal Vivek Ram Choudhary has rushed to the crash site by taking the special flight to Sulur airbase. Mr. Rawat is the country’s first Chief Defence Staff after its establishment.

Mr. Rajnath Singh has visited the residence of Bipin Rawat at Delhi, met the family members.