Bommai discussed Bitcoin scam with Modi

I have raised Bitcoin scam with the Prime Minister, but he has not shown much interest about that and advised me to give focus on administration

Bommai discussed Bitcoin scam with Modi

Bengaluru: Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai has briefed Prime Minister Narendra Modi about a Bitcoin scam in the state, in which top BJP leaders and the son of a former Chief Minister has allegedly been involved.

Mr. Bommai has met the Prime Minister at his residence discussed his hundred days developments, news schemes and ongoing saga about the bitcoin scam.

that “ I have raised the bitcoin issue with Prime Minister, but he advised me not to bother about such things and asked me to concentrate on developmental works”, Mr. Bommai said after his meeting with the Prime Minister.

However, Mr. Bommai has briefed Home Minister Amit Shah about the Bitcoin scam. “More than us Home Ministry has all details about the scam, we need not to explain about the Bitcoin, Home Ministry has an update about that matter”, Mr. Bommai told reporters.

PM to visit Bengaluru on next month

Prime Minister has agreed to visit Bengaluru in December for twice to inaugurate developmental works. “I have invited him to Bengaluru to inaugurate four developmental works, however, he said that instead of single visit, he will visit twice in December. Prime Minister will make foundation stone for Bengaluru Sub-Urban train and inauguration of Dr. Ambedkar School of Economics in Nagarabhavi”, the Chief Minister said.

“My meeting with the Prime Minister was fruitful and cordial, I have discussed several administrative matters with him including my 100 days programs as the Chief Minister. He has very much happy about the performance of the government and asked me to speed up the few schemes including Amrit Yojana”, Mr. Bommai said.

In last hundred days of my government, we have implemented, scholarship scheme to farmers children, the Prime Minister has appreciated that scheme and suggested making the scheme a big success in the state. He also opinioned that once Karnataka makes that scheme success, it can be extended to other BJP ruled states”, Mr. Bommai added.

Chief Minister has also discussed with the Prime Minister about  Tender security programs to avoid discrepancies in awarding the tender. He applauded for implementation of the transparency act and opinioned that such Act will bring down the overestimation of the tender, CM said.

Prime Minister has instructed the Chief Minister to bring more awareness to the Principals of all colleges and Universities about effective implementation of New Education Policy. He also advised him to effective implementation of Amrit schemes in Grama Panchayats by the deputing senor officer to oversee the implementation of the scheme.

Chief Minister has explained about state government ongoing schemes of construction of houses to houseless people and allotting sites. Meanwhile the Chief Minister requested the Prime Minister to instruct the Nationalized banks to provide subsidized loans to women belongs to SCs, STs and other backward classes. The Prime Minister has assured that he will instruct the bankers to provide subsidized loans to women belonging to SCs , STs and OBCs.

Besides, the Chief Minister discussed proposed new policies of the state government on electric vehicles, renewable energy and research and development.

I have not discussed any political issues with the Prime Minister. I have met BJP National President J.P. Nadda and Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Mr. Nadda promised me that he will come down to Bengaluru for preparation of upcoming elections to the Upper House. Elections have been announced to the Upper House for 25 seats from Local bodies. Chief Minister has briefed Nadda about core committee decisions about selections of candidates.