BJP MP Varun Gandhi demands action against Union Minister Ajay Mishra

BJP MP Varun Gandhi demands action against Union Minister Ajay Mishra

BJP MP of Pilibhit Lok Sabha constituency, Varun Gandhi has demanded Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take stringent action against the Union Minister Ajay Mishra who had connected to Lakhimpur Kheri violence.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, BJP rebel MP urged the Prime Minister to award Rs. 1 crore compensation to the deceased farmers family, who died during year-long agitation. BJP MP demanded action against Ajay Mishra and his son Ashish Mishra for killing four farmers in Lakhimpur Kheri.

In the letter, BJP MP stated that “ Many leaders sitting in senior positions have given provocative statements against our agitating farmers. It is the result of such statements and the adversarial atmosphere has created around the movement that on October 3, five of our farmer brothers were crushed to death by vehicles in Lakhimpur Kheri. This heartbreaking incident is a blemish on our democracy. It is my request to you that appropriately strict action is taken against the Union minister who has been connected to this incident so that there is a fair enquiry”, Mr. Gandhi urged the PM.

Further, Pilibhit MP further stated that” more than 700 of our farmer brothers and sisters have been martyred in this movement, as they peacefully protested in extremely difficult and hostile conditions. I believe that if this decision had been taken earlier, all these innocent lives would not have been lost. It is my humble request to you that while expressing condolence to the families of our farmer brothers and sisters who were martyred in the movement,  a compensation of Rs. 1 crore each be announced for them. Further, all politically motivated false FIRs that have been registered as weapons of harassment against our farmers during this movement must immediately be quashed”, Mr. Gandhi requested Modi.

BJP MP has also requested the Prime Minister to accept the farmers' demand for a statutory MSP guarantee for their crops, saying their movement wouldn't end without it.

"This movement will not end without the resolution of this demand and there will be widespread anger amongst them, which will continue to emerge in one form or the other. Therefore, it is very important for the farmers to get the statutory guarantee of MSP for their crops," he wrote.

He said the legal binding on MSP will give sizeable economic security cover to farmers.

"My humble request to you is that the government must immediately accept this demand in the interests of our nation."