Sedition charges, goonda act against culprits accused of vandalizing statues: Bommai

The Chief Minister has also announced that government will install statues of Kitturu Rani Chennamma and Sangolli Rayanna in the premises of Saravana Soudha.

Sedition charges, goonda act against culprits accused of vandalizing statues: Bommai

Belagavi: Sending a stern message to Maharashtra Ekikarana Samiti (MES) for its alleged vandalism, the Karnataka Legislative Assembly unanimously passed a resolution of slapping sedition charges and registering the Goona act against the accused who vandalized Sangolli Rayanna, Basaveshwara and Chhatrapati Shivaji statue in Belagavi.

Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai moved a resolution in the House on Monday, termed that incident of vandalism of Songolli Rayanna statue, Basaveshwara statue and Chhatrapati Shivaji statue was an anti-national act. The state government will book sedition charges against all accused who are involved in such a crime. Police have arrested all accused involved in the crime, further, the Goonda act will be invoked against the accused, Mr. Bommai said.

“Vandalism of freedom fighters statues was nothing but anti-national activities, with an intention to create disharmony between people of  Maharashtra and Karnataka, miscreants have involved in this act. We will never spare such criminals and book them all under the Goonda act”, the Chief Minister informed the Assembly.  

After the investigation, the government will be made public of those organizations involved in the vandalism. Members of such organizations will be put behind the bars. Regarding banning MES, the government will make a decision under the legal framework. Before taking any such decision government will take legal opinion, Mr. Bommai replied.

There is no trust deficit between the people of the two states. Both are leaving happily, but after losing political grounds and people’s support, MES is trying to disturb peace and harmony and creating animosity among two people. For the border, issues are concerned Justice Mahajan report was final. I want to say your dream (Maharashtra) will be never realized.

“Karnataka will never compromise with land, water and language issues. We are all united when it comes to land, water and language issues”, Mr. Bommai added.

We will never yield the pressure tactics of those groups creating unrest among people of two states. We will take a tough decision to develop the schools situated in border districts. 40 grama panchayats of Jath taluk in Maharashtra has taken a unanimous resolution that they will join Karnataka because since Maharashtra has not provided any development to 40 grama panchayats.